Nature Creates True Works of Art




One of the many ways in which nature can surprise us is represented by the unique structures shaped in stone throughout millions of years by the action of the sun, the wind or the rain. When we look at such amazing products of nature’s fantasy it is hard to believe that they were no created by humans.


The Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains in my country is the first example which comes to my mind when I think of nature’s works of art because it’s one of the few structures of this kind I have actually visited and also because this rock formation  resembles a human head with eyes, a nose, a chin and some sort of helmet on the top of the head. When I stood next to this sleeping giant I tried to let my imagination loose and see more than just a rock. In my mind he was an ancient warrior awakening after centuries of hibernation to defend the country from its reckless and cruel invaders. After crushing the enemies he would proudly return to his pedestal high in the Bucegi Plateau where he will keep on watching the land of below until the end of time, ready to defend it whenever it’s necessary.


The Romanian Sphinx is just one example of nature’s craftsmanship; many of its creations, spread throughout the world, can also be seen like fine works of art, and our duty is to preserve them as much as possible. Humans can unfortunately destroy in a short time span what nature has built in tens of thousands of years, but if we do our best to protect these natural works of art, I think they will last as long as the earth itself!

Photo credit: My own picture


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