Necessity of Healthy Sleep

We all know that health is the most important thing. However, our daily life is not always accompanied by its strengthening. Over time, the body ages and gets destroyed. In part, this contributes to the lack of healthy sleep. Sleep disturbance can cause physical fatigue and mental depression. What is healthy sleep? Poor or insufficient sleep in the first place begins with the process of falling asleep. The reasons that prevent a peaceful sleep can be varied.

Dirty linens, a warm blanket, uncomfortable bed, disturbing thoughts and background noise can all prevent us from getting a peaceful sleep. At times, to do away with a number of reasons, it is enough to take a shower before going to bed. Drops of water washes away the accumulated depressing thoughts of the day, calm the mind and removes fatigue. Another important point is the starting and terminating time of sleep. It is necessary for life.

Experts say that regular sleep after midnight, leads to disruption of brain function. At the same time suffering from mental abilities, there is a psychological degradation. The consequences of such a situation can be susceptibility to conflicts, increased demand for food, lack of willpower, bad habits, and decreased concentration. As a result of unhealthy sleep, chronic fatigue appears. This exhausted people try to cover up the same with smoking, eating and drinking.

The consequences of such behavior are disturbance of the nervous system, heart disease and obesity. You can make out a person with sleep disorders from their appearance like lethargy, bulging under the eyes, tired eyes and poor complexion. Unhealthy sleep can cause a feeling of an unpleasant taste in the mouth and trigger chronic headaches. In two or three years the cumulative fatigue turns into a depression. The colors of life fades and everything becomes sad and dark.

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  1. Vinaya

    In the past few days I have been unable to get good sleep because of hectic schedule. I understand how important is sleep to remain healthy.

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