Needing some Advice or Suggestions

How the marriage does works for a long time?

Is the love has an expiration?

Why do other couples ended to a separation and divorced?

I really can’t understand still why some couples end like that after all what they have surpassed way back then. After the long years of fighting for each other they will give up? Are they really tiring or they are just find someone else they see that they can count on?

I know a couple that having a problem with their relationships now. They are married for thirty five years already. From the start, the guy has a bad habit, he drinks a lot and when he’s drunk he talk a lot which sometimes the words coming out from his mouth hurts his wife. The wife just let him be like that until she maybe tired of always having that scenario. She left and work somewhere else, her husband beg her to come back and promise to change.

Fast forward. After few months, years, husband back to what he really is. Drink here and there a lot up to present. Then they are ending up to a separation. It’s the husband wants to but wife doesn’t like to leave. They have 5 children, old enough to understand everything. They are not talking like husband and wife anymore but still living in the same roof.

The question is how do the children can help their parents? What should they do?

Any advice or suggestions please?



  1. Tiffany McNew

    I honestly don’t think the children should need to worry about “helping” their parents. What children of any age don’t really understand is that some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Forcing it to work for the sake of your kids isn’t always the best idea, and it doesn’t last forever. Eventually some relationships are just meant to end. Either way, it’s the choice of the parents and the children should stay out of that decision.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I agree with Tiffany: it’s not up to children to resolve issues in their parents’ marriage. If one of the partners has a substance abuse problem or is simply abusive, the marriage cannot continue without first addressing that problem. And like it or not, sometimes addressing that problem means that the family may need to split up for a time. Healing is a difficult process, and often one that requires a person to take time away from the marriage.

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