Netflix and the Duggars: Who needs who?

The Duggar family has been through so much in the past year or so. Sex scandal after sex scandal and their show was even canceled – it would be more than most families could stand. However, the Duggars keep bouncing back. Hopefully, they will bounce to Netflix. It would be a win/win situation for both the Duggar family and Netflix.

If Netflix would produce another show for them – another “Netflix original,” both the Duggars and Netflix would benefit. They both need each other. And, of course, the Duggar family fans would love to be able to see the entire family.

Netflix wouldn’t have as many worries when it comes to losing advertisers. TLC learned the hard way when the people were disgusted by the actions of the family members (and the cover-up) that the advertisers would no longer endorse the show. And, many people would get Netflix to watch the entire Duggar family. Who doesn’t want to see how Josh Duggar digs himself out of the hole he created?

The Duggar family would also benefit. They would get the show they are missing. They wouldn’t have to worry about “shooting around” their wayward son, Josh. It is also safe to assume Netflix would pay well. Since the scandals and their show being removed from TLC, the Duggar family aren’t getting as many speaking gigs as they did before.

Netflix and the Duggar family need each other. It would be win/win for them. And, those people who are still fans of the Duggar family.

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