Netflix rocks; it really rocks

The first of this year, we discovered a wonderful invention known as “Netflix.” We are loving this great way to watch television and movies! I can’t imagine ever watching TV or movies the same again.

I realize we were late to the Netflix party. I’d seen it advertised and read friends rave about it on social media. Despite that, we continued paying for cable television and watching it the way we had for decades.

Not anymore! We said “no more” to the outrageous cable television bill and switched to something more economical and user-friendly. We got rid of our cable and started watching television and movies the way we want to watch it. Netflix has changed our lives for the better.

It is so freeing to have Netflix – to be able to watch what we want whenever we want to watch it. We don’t have to remember to set the DVR. We don’t have to pay for the DVR. We just scroll through the list of titles, pick what we want and enjoy.

I feel silly not trying it sooner! If knew then what I know now, I would have gotten Netflix on the day it became available. It is the greatest thing since Betty White!


  1. RED

    I agree with you when you say that NetFlix is great. Truly, it is. Have you tried watching “Stranger Things” on that channel? It really is worth watching next to “Game of Thrones.”

  2. Michelle McIntosh

    We love Netflix as well. It’s the only tv we have had for like ten years now. RED is right, you should check out Stranger Things. Netflix has some pretty interesting productions! They have grown a great deal since we first started using it.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    We love Netflix too! I really enjoy watching TV series that I hadn’t seen when they were running on the networks. I’ve discovered a lot of series I might not otherwise have seen because they popped up in a Netflix search for something else. I love to binge-watch entire seasons of a show, when I discover one I really like!

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