New Member but not a Newbie


Ok seeing a lot of old friends here. Maybe most of you already know me, most of my username carries my name or my favorite color, sometimes my age lol. But to those who do not know me yet I am Daisy, a single, stay at home mom, registered nurse by profession, a dog lover and I love to cook, read and blog. I also love to watch action, reality shows and mysteries.

Yes as someone mentioned we are treading the water. Ever since the failure of a big blogging site, everyone became doubtful, suspicious and wary of other writing sites. Especially since this is a new site. I have joined a few new sites with so many promises. Seems I wasted my time and talent because when I get nearing the cash out or payout, something happens.

But I am always willing to give a site the chance. Hoping that it will live to it’s promises. I missed blogging or writing. I would always make it a means to vent out my feelings, good or bad. I just hope things will be better here. Of course problems and errors will happen being a new site. That is acceptable as long as the owners are transparent and would inform all of us the happenings.

So here I am again. Happy to see old friends and new ones too. I have a few suggestions but will make a new post or forum???

Good luck to us all. It’s a new day, a new beginning and a new  blog site for all of us.

Haha ok my first post and I did not meet the 200 words requirement. That was going to be one of my suggestions that there will be a counter so at least we will know how many words we have written and how many more needed. I don’t think I would have the time to count my words?? Also what is the purpose of a brief summary? It makes writing a post extra work because it seems redundant?


  1. Vinaya

    The name Daisy sounds familiar to me,however, I cannot remember where I met you. Perhaps on a writing site like this one.
    Good to know you Daisy.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Daisy, the summary is used when your post is indexed on Google and when you or someone else shares your post on social networks. What I often do for the excerpt when I’m blogging is to take a couple of sentences from near the beginning of the post. They aren’t always the opening sentences, though they might be. Or I might use the same summary I use in my image description tag 🙂

  3. Dawn Rae

    Hi Daisy. It seemed like every time I joined a site it either closed up shop or went terribly wrong. So I can definitely relate. Let’s hope this site goes well for a long time.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    In writing it is a personal job. That is you write by yourself and it is your responsibility to know its terms and conditions to the site that you are writing with.

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