New Products In My Shop

Hi readers! I wanted to let you all know that my company that I work for Perfectly Posh has just released all NEW ITEMS!!! There are so many new and great smelling products for all your hair, skin, and beauty needs. There are even items for men. A very versatile company that is very gender neutral.

Last night was the reveal of the new Fall/Winter product line. Please feel free to look around and check it out: One reason why I enjoy the products of this company is because they are crulty free (not tested on aminals), they have options for vegans, and they are affordable as everything is $25 or less. They also use great and natural ingredients and no petroleum or harsh sulfates or parabens. All this is to keep you and your family safe. The skin is the largest organ on the human body and it soaks up and takes in everything so, you need to give it the best and no more harsh chemicals.

I do have a giveaway going on for all who make an order now-August 7, 2016. When you spend $15 or more you will be entered in a drawing to win $10 back (via PayPal or Amazon). (Contest open to US only orders/members…sorry, it is Perfectly Posh company rules). I hope you will take a look around and find something you like and try it out. Thank you for reading and your support! 


    1. Obi Ka Post author

      Yes I agree. I hope with time the company will open up to allow sells outside the USA. Canada cannot even buy. But it is a young company only 4 years old so we shall see.

    1. Obi Ka Post author

      yes and thank you. contest is any order of $15 or more placed now through August 7 will be entered to win $10 cash back from me via PayPal or Amazon GC code. @andriaperry

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