New Reality Show ‘Coupled’ Already Canceled After One Season

The new show “Coupled” only got one season, but now word is out that it was canceled. This series is a lot like “The Bachelorette” where it tries to find love matches and make them work out. Mark Burnett, the man behind “Survivor,” was the one behind this show so it did look like it would have success.

It turns out that two of the couples that met on “Coupled” ended up staying together after the show. That is a great success rate for them. It does look like they had a pretty great thing going here, but for some reason, the show has been canceled and won’t be back again next year. This one is going to be missed by a lot of people, including myself.

Deadline shared the news about “Coupled” being canceled. Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden shared about the show being canceled and said, “It’s hard to say exactly what didn’t work. It’s a fragile situation when they do work. Mark delivered a beautiful-looking show, that didn’t resonate with our viewers.”

Personally, I really enjoyed this show. It really did seem like the way they were doing things worked, and they were able to have some success. I am really sorry that it won’t be back for another season. At least, everyone knows that another reality show will come along to take its place. There are always new ones that are around for a season or two and then end up getting canceled just like “Coupled” did. It is too bad this one didn’t work out.

The one thing that shocks me is that Mark Burnett wasn’t able to keep this show around. He does a great job with his other shows, so that is one reason I was just sure that it would work. If these people really want to find love, you might see some of them turn up on other reality shows in the future. That will be interesting if it happens.

Are you shocked to hear that “Coupled” was canceled after just one season? Are you going to miss this show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. You can always watch “The Bachelor” or “Love at First Kiss” to get your fix for great matchmaking shows. “Bachelor in Paradise” is also airing right now on ABC on Monday and Tuesday nights. This is another matchmaking show that is on an island.


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I haven’t seen the show, so I guess I won’t miss it. I would think that there have already been a lot of matchmaking-type reality shows over the last few years. Maybe the market is finally saturated.

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