Newbie Proud Super Mom


Hello there “B” bloggers! I finally joined here a couple of minutes ago and I must admit, it feels like Iam new again in blogging, maybe because of the new features and new look of the site.

Anyways, I want to start my blogging here with saying I am a proud supermom, you maybe thinking if what I’am talking about. Well, I am a single mom of two cutie boys ages 4 and 9, I support them all alone but I’am still proud to shout to the world that I’am supermom that will do everything for my kids just like other moms out there. The photo above was an entry I made for the promo contest of johnsons product online.

I will be happy to know and meet other bloggers here from around the world just like before. I guess, this will be my hobby again – writing such articles every time I’am not busy doing errands.

I can’t wait to meet my old friends here and new friends will be here. This will be a lot of fun again like as before. I know lots of my co-bloggers are already here but haven’t see them yet.

Happy blogging to us & nice meeting you all in advance 🙂



    1. marilou luzon Post author

      Yup! i have the same username with the other site where the earnings called “rabs” hehe

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