Nibiru and Annunaki Theory

I heard about this wild science fiction theory some time ago and ever since I have been more than interested to know more.

The apocalyptic disasters were never my favorite topic because we have enough earthly troubles right now to add up one more coming from the space.

Up to this date nobody actually could clarify what is Nibiru and if this theory of the human race advancement is actually right, but it is a very interesting topic to discuss and consider.

The first time I read about this I thought it is a science fiction story, but later I learned that the same author has a huge following base and that those people actually believe that a huge planet is circulating at the distant orbit and that people may be a result of the hybridization.

I can believe in the hybrid theory but I yet have to see that mysterious planet that is still out of our reach. Or scientific explanation.

Annunaki were this strange alien race that cris-cross humans with their own genome to create a primitive worker.

They were supposed to have a prolonged and incredible life cycle due to their mother planet elliptic orbit around the sun.

The planet was a rigid and dry giant that made these creatures to be much bigger and stronger than humans.

Some ancient texts and pictures carved in stone feature these giants and believers of this theory think that measurements of their height are in the fact correct.


    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      Possible existence of Nibiru like planet or anything similar still has no proof. I would like to know more too about it, but no information has been provided.

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