Nor Do I Know It All

Since I have been single most of my life on this evolving earth I’ve,  had do most of my own home improvement repairs and I am have by no means an expert but, I am pretty great at it from electrical to the simplicity of putting on a new light switch plate. I can paint, lay carpet, tiles, tongue and groove and panel the walls but, it took years of goods to get it right.

How about yourself are you a plumber, roofer, a brick layer or a teacher of another trade? I started working in a small town’slocal hardware store and believe me I am thinking my customer’s are teaching me on their particular trades, so thankful for the understanding of the local men and women who are teaching me more methods on repairing on my own.

Do you have the skills to renovate your home  problems in order to save cash or do you hire someone? I am in no way saying I’m great nor do I know it all but learning more about this is an everyday event.

The store I work at has been a blessing to me and the owner is really a good guy and his wife is a blessing.


  1. Grecy Garcia

    I only know to fix electric fan, actually not to fix it but to assemble the parts. I hardly know how to use the remote lol. But I learned from this post, I think I need to learn more.

    1. Donna Post author

      Lol I was like this once and I know if I learn one thing a day I’m good

    1. Donna Post author

      Yes to remember becomes a problem for me and you, lol girl

  2. Vinaya

    I don’t have skills, however, I always try to acquire new skills. Recently, I tried to do some wiring in my house and I was able to do that.

  3. IcyBC

    After the divorce, I was forced into doing minor things myself since I can’t afford to get helped from paying others. Come to think of it, I can change the lock on doors, while married too, the X is useless in this situation 🙂

  4. Pat Z Anthony

    It is a constant thing here and we learn as we go. My adventures in ‘fixing’ houses has given me much to write about. We should all include some of these things in our ‘How to’ articles.

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