Officially Addicted to Masterchef!

Hey there fellow bloggers!

This would be my 4th post for today and I must say that I love writing and I’m loving the experience on here. This is a very refreshing website with no complications and no crowded rules. It’s easy, user friendly, simple and the layout is perfect. 

Speaking of perfect, Masterchef is definitely one of my favourite TV shows and I would definitely consider it as the perfect pass time, especially for those who love cooking.

The one I’m watching now is Masterchef Australia. Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan are the most polite, most honest and the best cooks I’ve seen on television. Compared to the other Masterchef shows from the different countries, I think personally the Australian one is by far the best. 

The home cooks, the delicious dishes, the amazing celebrity chefs that come on the show the versatility, everything on the show just rocks. Some of the dishes are just so extremely unique, the masterclass episodes are so informative that I find myself taking notes just like the home cooks. Right now we have reached the top 5 where I live. I already am aware that in Australia, the winner has been shown. But somehow I don’t want to know. I would like to wait and watch all the episodes myself and go through the entire journey the right way.

I love cooking and I’m officially Addicted to Masterchef! What about you? Do you like cooking? Are you a foodie? Do you watch Masterchef in your country? Which one is your favourite? 

My favourite would definitely be Matt and Trent in this year’s show. I really want one of them to win. I’ve liked them from the very start. So fingers crossed. Who do you think will win, if you are watching?


    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      Yes! At least someone who likes it just as much as I do! I guess you know who the winner is? But dont tel me haha

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