Online Job – Not So Easy Task

Yeah, we all imagining working from home like that showed on the picture, and then we try it and realize that we all just wasting time for cents. Well, at least if someone is not professional at something. For amateurs of online business it is very hard to earn a regular salary. It doesn’t pay off to quit a job or even waste free time.

A lot of scams these days.

Yes, there are many online sites that are scams and want to attract you to invest your money and day after day you realize that you are scammed and robbed by some online robbers and hackers. 

Well, after wasting a lot time (started looking for online job at 2013, when I became a student) now I know how to recognize scam sites where I will waste a lot of time for nothing or just a few pennies, but I still did not found any site that will pay be a regular month salary. I tried a lot of online work sites, from Clixsense, Neobux, old Probux and a lot of other PTC sites to a lot of data entry (captcha entry) and freelance sites (oDesk, now UpWork and still sending bids there) but neither one site made me some big money. Biggest sum I withdrew from my Payza or Paypal account was 50$ and I used about three or four sites for work. I will mention those sites:

MyLot, Microworkers, Kolotibablo and PixandProfit

That combination earned me a first bigger sum of cash, 50$ as I said, but I put a lot of effort and time for that. 

I am just hoping that I will find some legit and reliable site and I will put a lot effort on it to earn some regular monthly or weekly payments. It would be great to have for my scholarship, but as times goes I would more likely quit all work from home opportunities and continue my summer and winter vacation work as waiter and construction worker. Maybe I even go to some West Europe country that give better salaries to work as seasonal worker there. But, I am honestly hope to find some good online working site and to do what I like and to earn money from it. Until that time I will post blogs here and other sites and continue to hope for it.

For now I can honestly recommend mylot,  upwork,  bitlander as working online sites and I don’t recommend to anyone to work on ptc and captcha working sites because it is just wasting of precious time that can be used better.

I would like to learn some tips about blogbourne,  it looks like good site for me by now.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    I have been in myLot for several years and I have earned much. But nowadays, it is too tedious to earn in the said site. Right now, I have pending or balance of more than a dollar.

  2. Sebastian Onciu

    I have also been using myLot for several years, but I haven’t been very active there lately because earning is quite slow there these days. I come back to it from time to time and post a few replies, but I used to earn a lot better from it in its good old days.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      I share with the same experience I have with myLot. Nowadays, I stay low in my writing job participation there in myLot. Now I have found other sites bette r than myLot. Anyway, if time permits I also visit and write a few comments and reactions to several posts there.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    Most who are making a living online have been working on the Internet for many years. It is always good to be on several sites. Some devote a few hours each day to working online, but have a job outside the home as well.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      I notice that and most of those who are doing that are housewives who have no job but only taking care of their kids and doing household chores.

  4. Amel Sijaric Post author

    Well, myLot is not perfect these days, it do not pays so good. I only made about 15$ there for more than a month but I hope that one day it will be site that paid a lot of money past years, I heard about it from older members. What do you can tell me about BlogBourne, are you all happy with paying?

  5. Tania K Cowling

    I have been writing online for over 15 years, but to be honest PPV sites are not going to let you quit your full-time job. In order to make a good amount of money you need to be accepted by large media companies who have brand companies as clients. These clients pay well to have content for their websites and blogs. For examples, let’s say Colgate, Angie’s List, and Tom’s of Maine — a few that I worked with a while back. I like BB as a writing outlet to enjoy the art of writing and connect with friends. Keep searching and write often and you should be bringing in some cash — but don’t count on freelancing to pay the big bills.

  6. Jo Pin

    I agree with Pat Z.
    Just keep writing and be patient. If we focus on earning and not the quality of our work, we only end of feeling frustrated. Good things happen every day in every little way.

  7. Francine Labelle

    Do not despair. Just like you I have registered with several sites such as Clixsense, Up work, Clickworker and also several survey sites like Toluna, Vindale etc. But all these combined only bring in spare money. But there are writing sites out there which I classify as academic writing sites. These pay fairly well but you have to bid often before getting a gig. I still enjoy all my different sites. They keep me busy, keep my mind and brain working and going.

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