Osama Laden Changes His Ways

Osama Laden happens to be the name we gave to a stray cat that used to roam about in the neighborhood stealing our chickens. She was known to spare no delicacies in the neighboring houses. Nobody knew where she came from, yet she was a great nuisance in the locality.

Osama Laden’s Expertise

The cat had the capacity to open any refrigerator to get at good eating. She could squeeze herself through very tiny gaps in any house. The neighbors’ plea to the animal control organization to rid the neighborhood of this cat met with no assistance. The swiftness of the cat saved her on many occasions. She also did her thievery in the dead of night when all were asleep.

Osama Laden Had More Than Nine Lives

Despite being beaten almost to death on many occasions, the cat managed to live on. She could fake death and once you left her for the dead, she’d wake up and disappear into the forest. One time she was dropped in a pit latrine but after some weeks of prison life in this pit of death, she happened to escape. Osama Laden was a terror and everyone shuddered at the mention of the cat.

When Osama Laden Delivered

As is the nature of all animals, this cat also became pregnant with kittens. She always looked for a secluded place to deliver her kittens. She could nurse the babies in this secluded place till they were old enough to fend for themselves and then abandon them.

Osama Laden Caught At Long Last

This time, things happened in a different manner. When Osama wanted to deliver, she went into an occupied house and did her thing. Things will have run as they always do but this time, one of my boys looked under the bed and found two beautiful kittens and Osama curled in a corner.  Shocked and terrified Osama wanted to show a clean pair of heels. But the pity and love in my son’s eyes stopped her in her tracks. She was transfixed at the spot. My son fed them with milk. He did that for a whole week before showing us his prizes. We were mad. Osama would finish our food.

Osama Laden Changes for the Better

This is the time when the cat changed her ways. She changed from stray to tame and from the thief she was into a fine cat. She could now fight with rodents that came near the house.


Featured image: Ben_kerkckx/Pixabay/CC0, Public domain


    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      I’m so glad she was able to settle in with you, Meshack. We have tried to take in a couple of stray cats. Usually, they’re too feral and won’t be kept even though they enjoy the attention and being pampered.

  1. Rex Trulove

    That is a happy change and a great story! What amazes me is how our cats seem to understand what we tell them. They really do, and I don’t mean simple things. Last night, one of our cats, GW, was asking for food. There was dry food out, but I mix up some canned food, dry food and a little water for just two of our five cats. GW is one of the two that get special food. Paws, a Siamese mix, is the other, and I feed GW and Paws at the same time. Paws was outside hunting mice when GW asked for special food, so I told him that if he went and got Paws, I’d feed them both. He looked at me, sat and thought about it, then went outside, through our bedroom window. About 15 minutes later, he was back, begging for special food…with Paws right behind him.

    1. Rex Trulove

      My computer is in the bedroom and on most days, when Paws is outside, GW will curl up at the foot of the bed, where he’s only a foot or two from my computer chair. I think he thinks he’s guarding me. 😀

  2. Donna

    Awesome how she was attracted to your son she knew he was kind and would take care of her babies and her great story

  3. Jacky Hughes

    Oh I love this. I was so glad there was a happpy ending! Love wins even with wild cats!

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