Our Family Day Out

Yesterday we had to take the boys to therapy.
We then decided that we would go ahead and take them to the Dalton Gang Hideout. It was cool, we got to walk down a tunnel that the gang had used to hide and escape lawmen. Two of them had at one time worked as lawmen but quit and went to a life of crime when they didn’t get their paychecks.
We then saw a house that they had gone to while they were there. I love looking at the houses that are all set up the way they would have been way back.
In the museum, we saw collections of different barbed wire, bits for horses, and lots of animals that were stuffed: a two-headed calf, a pygmy calf that was born to regular sized patents, and a rare albino beaver.
We then went to the lake and swam and played with the boys, we had a good time playing frisbee. They swam and used us as their diving boards too:)
Later, we went and walked the trails. It is really pretty out there, I wish that we could do it more often. After we got started walking I decided that we should have done that before the swimming.
It was a great and relaxing day!!


  1. Andria Perry

    I want to go there! you made it sound so fun.

    Not related to the article : My best friends name was Lisa Epperson, she got hit by a car and died , while getting on the school bus, your name makes me think of her.

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