Our Grandson is 18 Years Old Today!

Our 5th grandbaby is 18 years old today!  I remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday.  While my daughter and son-in-law where in the labor room, I was walking the halls with our 2 year old granddaughter.  As we got the the nursery and saw all the babies, my granddaughter looked and then said, “Is that my baby brother?”  I tole her not yet, but soon.  A few more trips to the nursery and the same question was asked with the same answer.




Finally we went to the window and I said, “Alexandra, that is your baby brother!”  Growing up, Zac was always a big helper and only wanted to please everyone. Zachary and Alex have always been close but as they got older, they got even closer. Zac lives in Indiana, Alex lives in Ohio and we live in South Carolina.



When Zac graduated from high school in May, hubby, I and Alex all went and since it was almost a year since Alex and Zac had seen each other, they were so happy.   Zac has had a rough year, due to parental problems, he moved in with a foster family last year and has been doing great.  He excelled in his senior year, all my himself without any parents help, he held down a full time job and just the other day,called and was so excited because he saved enough money to buy a car and pay for his insurance all himself.


“Papa” and I are so proud of how Zac has taken the right path and moving down it without looking back.  Sometimes life experiences aren’t what we want but if you make the best of them and use them as learning experiences, it makes it easier to move on.   I am so proud of how Zac has handled his situations and how he as grown into a wonderful, handsome young man.  I wish him all the success and I know he will do well.  Happy Birthday Zachary, papa and I love you so very much!


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It sounds like he has grown into a very fine young man, Martha! You’ve got good reason to be proud of all that he has accomplished, despite the obstacles he’s had to face recently. A very happy belated birthday to Zac. I hope the year to come will be a happy, healthy, and prosperous one for him!

  2. Martha DeMeo Post author

    Thanks Kyla, we are so proud of how Zac has handled things that a teen should never have to. He had a rough year but has handled it very well. I will pass on your birthday message to him!

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