Our Secret Rendevous (Fiction)

Our secret rendevous was just between me and him. Our trip to Hawaii was just last year. It was a surprise holiday vacation that my super sweet boyfriend decided to give me for my 22nd birthday. I was stunned and excited at this lucky chance of having a lot of fun and relaxation at this most beautiful place where we have never been before. I had high hopes of gaining some really nice experiences there.

There was nothing to fear and nothing to be anxious about. We had been there for one week at the time and both of us just hated leaving. The water was clear and so pretty. The warm sand was so comforting under my feet. I collected some unusual shells to bring home and took many photographs of interesting Hawaii-like things. There was plenty of personal intimate moments to reflect on as well that we will cherish forever. The locals there were so friendly and happy. There is not much to complain about.

My boyfriend and myself were very pleased for the most part with this vacation of a lifetime for us both. We have already been trying to save some money in order to go again in the future. It might not be right away but we are saving our pennies. Hawaii is just a magical place on earth that I recommend to all to try and visit if they can at least once in their lifetime. It can be expensive there so beware. I just wish all of us could experience the amazement of this kind of vacation at one time or another.


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