Our Ultimate Work is Soul Searching for Christ

If we read Matthew 10:5-10, here Jesus sent His disciples to their ministry, he said that they should bring a little allowance. If we will go abroad and search for job, can we bring a few pesos? Of course not.

We must prepare and bring some money so that before we are hired, we have many things to buy for ourselves. Especially nowadays, there is no free nor cheap things to buy. Every thing has its own value. Nowadays all are expensive. The same thing, the great commission is given to us.

As i always say, we are not on Earth just to live only and die. As a Christian, we knew that we have a purpose and we should not only a hearer of the truth inside the church. We are God’s laborer to seek the lost soul. In this verse, Jesus asked them not to go to Samaritan’s house  nor the Gentile way but to the lost house of Israel.

Who are the lost soul of Israel? They are the people who believe in God but weaken by the challenge of life. We are hired to search for them and bring them back to the presence of God. Jesus objective in teaching the disciples not to bring more money is to teach them dependence on God and the  importance of creating friendships through service to the local residents.

Through friendship to people we can gain their trust and we can live with integrity. Being friendly to people, we gain their trust and later on they can help us to achieve our objective in the area. Especially if we are bring medical mission. Nowadays many rich people wanted to help medical mission. Total dependence to God is a challenging one. But this prove to God that we are His worker.

What I discover in life that sometimes, we face financial problem but if we lift it up to God, He can send a person to help us. Its all about complete trust and faith. We must know what kind of God we have. We must not limit our understand of Him. Our God is rich and we must believe it. In my life, I don’t beg to others just to survive. My faith didn’t waiver even I experience some major problem.

In this life of mine, I undergo major problems in life even in relationship but due to trust and commitment, my God always there to help me. He gives me wisdom how to deal these problems. So, doing the commission, I am always forward for it. We need to find the lost soul of Israel because the time is coming. Jesus is at the door.

Are you ready for the time, when Jesus comes and He will separate the sheep and the goats? What if you belong to the goats? How will you know? And if you are with the sheep group, How will you know? Well, you will only know that when the time Jesus will pronounce these words: When I was naked you give me clothes, when I was thirsty you give me drink, when I was in prison, you visit me. Welcome to my Kingdom.

Since the time is not yet here, we still have time, to do these things. Give your time, your life to help others and the church for the searching of the soul to Christ. This is our ultimate spiritual work. We can do it together with what we are doing in life. Be wise in life. Do the mission as we know that Jesus is coming and we will be happy to see Him face to face.

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