Paradox can’t be solved – Apples don’t exist

My test with poignant choice in apples, made some people think in that other website where I participate. Some go to limit when some call this avoidance of choice, because regular is to chose. I agree, it is avoidance, but this is test that has no rules. Just like in life.


Test contains this. Two people are standing behind person in test holding apple/s each and telling  what apple color is. Person in test can’t know if statements are correct, do apples are there in hands, how many apples, what colors are apples…


Person in test must choose only option that induces minimum damage to choice itself.


It is possible that every choice leads to seemingly negative result forcing person to return back and chose again – that are possibilities.


Making multiple choices even at same time will produce paradox and if take bite of that,  one will definitely go mad because of twist in loop that whatever choice make at certain point will prove to be bad and convert person back to beginning to make better one. Which will create an infinitive loop, possibly each ion parallel dimension.


If an infinitive loop is caused by any choice of given combination that states that start options were with flaw. If one is unable to make choice that leads in less abrupt set of coincidences we can say they are all equal.


It shall grow irrelevant when making any choice if you are looping already you are spiraling down to a choice with million of choices.


To minimise all fallacy, one shall not chose any of given options. Apples are choices, people who hold them and speak about them are giving options, maybe clues that can be true or false, with no personal involvement because rotten apple will be your praise not theirs.


So, only logical outcome that is also paradox of non-involvement is not to choose because apples don’t exist.  If somebody expects solution or resolution for case, and face this disillusional not-choice and call it crazy, because there is nothing solved – it is, but expecting uniform solution in multiverse with paradox loop is not irrational but beyond.


Keeping choices for usability of rules with no root in empowerment is ambivalent  to true nature of creation. By not choosing to obey order of those potential realities offered by options, person is released from chain of causality and affected only by new reality one creating now by own mind and potential.



  1. Gil Camporazo

    This is principle of paradox does exist for the human are rational. They are capable to reason out and give the possibilities without hitting the right answer. This is what we call the way of reasoning. And there many possibilities for this kind of reasoning. One, I remember is begging the question, until the right answer is yield.

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