Paranormal group visits haunted Blythewood Manor

Members of Paranormal 101 Hamilton (Ontario) visited the haunted Blythewood Manor Bed & Breakfast at 4761 Zimmerman Ave. in Niagara Falls to take part in a seance with deep trance channeler Gordon Ellison.

was interesting evening beginning with Angel Samuel, one of two that he channels, entering his physical body. Gordon said when this happens, he is unaware of what is said or done. The other being he channels is Angel Sacreah.

Angel Samuel asked if any of us had questions and there were a lot of them on everything from what is truth in the Bible to beings on other worlds. The angel reminded the group that it was “human” men who wrote the Bible, thus not all of their accounts are reliable. However, he made it quite clear God exists and humans are all a part of this divine essence.

This writer asked if there are different people living on other planets. The angel replied, yes, there are many, as well as about 100,000 already here on Earth.
“They look much like us,” he said, “but they have no emotions.”

When it was asked if people are being abducted by aliens, Angel Samuel answered immediately, yes, this is really happening – that there was and is a genetically-based program going on.

Later when Gordon chatted via Angel Samuel with some 22 spirits who were said to be present, the women participants were chastised by a female spirit for wearing pants. “Women should wear dresses,” she said.

A couple of people, received messages from loved ones. This writer was not expecting her brother Harvey to show up because she never knew him while he was alive. He died of cancer in his mid-30’s before she met her other siblings. She had been separated from all of them at 2 years old and was later adopted by another family. She was told by her sisters when she finally met them that Harvey was a kind soul who had a mental disability.

Interestingly, the first thing the angel told the group through Gordon was her brother liked her hair “the way it was before,” referring she assumed to it being blonde most of her life. She could not help chuckling at that because it was obvious Harvey had been keeping tabs on her. In fact, he noted that he often dropped in to see how she was doing.

She also heard from her adopted father in rather an unusual way. They did not get along so well when he was alive because of some of the treatment doled out to her as a child. Before she even asked a question Gordon said, “The answer is yes,” and she knew exactly to what he referred/
During a second channeling session with the rest of those who attended the seance, the writer snapped a couple of photos. To her surprise, she captured a spirit standing behind Gordon. When she sent Gordon the photos he said, “I love that photo. I think its the doctor whom Margerete said came through.”

In the same room, Gary said a man die in the bed, while in another room at the back of the manor, he noted it was where several slaves once slept. He explained it was the most active room in the house with various paranormal activity taking place and… it was the only bedroom currently being rented to curious visitors. A woman also lost her life in this old manor when she slipped on the winding stairway and fell to her death.

While Gordon returned to the seance table with other members of the group, this writer’s group was given free reign to explore the upstairs of the haunted bed and breakfast. As they moved from room to room snapping photos, Gary, the Paranormal 101 organizer, told them some of the history related to the site. In one of the bedrooms, the spirit of a young boy had been seen. Gary said the boy was told he could not go outside to play, so he opened his bedroom window and sneaked out onto the overhanging roof. Sadly, he fell off, broke his neck and died.

The new owners of the historic site, Wayne and Stefanie, have been running it for about four and a half years. Over this time, they began some renovations and restorations to reflect its original and grand Gothic Revival style. The building was originally called Brampfield Hall, which was constructed in 1872. According to the inn’s web site, “James Brampfield built the house for his wife Margaret…” The site remained in the family until John Bampfield sold it in 1969.

As guests arrive at the site today, the front hallway greets them with a large collection of Brampfield family photos and the inn’s owners happily relate it’s history to all who stay there.

Gordon was born in Toronto, Ontario but his roots stem back to the “Ojibwa First Nations’ Bear Clan (medicine people) of the Timiskaming Reservation just outside of New Liskard.” As such, he is also a traditional contemporary ‘powwow dancer and drummer/singer.’

Before the seance began in Niagara Falls, it seemed clear Gordon was a humble man, who does not like to talk about himself. On his web site he wrote, “I was born psychic just like you. Yes, I said ‘you’ as meaning all of you and anyone else born onto this Earth.” He added he doesn’t go around seeking out spirits to talk to; they come to him.

“I speak to people in spirit and those who still think they’re in the physical world,” he noted.

Due to his psychic abilities, he has given readings most of his life. Today Gordon lives in Fort Erie, is married and the father of five children, plus two grandchildren. He teaches others how to uncover their own psychic abilities, as well as meditation and spiritual development. He also holds a meditation circle on a regular basis in his home – something he credits to psychic medium James Van Praagh, whom he met and “originally gave me the idea.”

“Together, my wife and I host a regular meditation circle at our home every Thursday night now going on for over seven years.”

Gordon conducts a variety of psychic workshops including seances/channeling and clearings, as well as gallery readings, spiritual counseling, and private and corporate events. Spiritual counseling, he noted, often forms a part of his paranormal investigations and in his clearings, he utilizes a ceremony from his “Traditional Ancestral Native Teachings.” He has also spoken at a number of paranormal conferences and events. Gordon is a teacher of Wado Kai (Wado Ryu), is a certified hypnotherapist and also an artist.

If you ask him how he became a deep trance channeler, he will tell you right away the development of this ability arose through the help of his adopted father, who is also able to do this type of mediumship.

“I actually enhanced this ability through my adopted father, Cliff Preston, who channels the Echo,” he said.

When asked how he came to be a channeler, Cliff explained.

“In 1973, I was a factory supervisor in a very high-tension job,” Cliff said. “I decided to take a relaxation weekend course to help calm my nerves. During the relaxation/meditations on that weekend, I would come awake and have no recall of the meditations. Others were there talking about the nice ‘walk down the flowered path’ but I had just closed my eyes and re-opened them, and the time had passed without my knowledge.”

That year he said, he met a man named Michael Blake Reed, who channeled the Evergreens. Unfortunately, he has now passed over. However, Cliff said after their meeting, he had “a powerful inner drive to learn” this skill, so he could help others.
Michael “gave me a couple of sheets of paper that held the steps necessary to begin to learn how to achieve deep trance states. I practiced for about two years before actually attaining the deep trance, and have been helping people in every walk of life ever since all over Canada, the USA and some European countries.”

Formerly a sailor with the Canadian Navy, and then a stationary engineer and factory supervisor, Cliff said he returned to university in the late 1990’s at the age of 66. There he studied for his Bachelor of Hypnotherapy Degree, which he now holds. Cliff knew this degree would further help him in his quest to help others.

“When I first began to channel,” he said, “my trance director asked for the name of whomever was speaking through me. The answer was that names are not relevant in the spirit realm, so we could use any name we wanted. We chose ‘Reflections of Echoes and this has morphed over the years to Echo.”

The actual entity speaking through him he said “is named ‘Golude,’ who states that he and I worked together during the Atlantean society. (yes, it was a world society; not a single city) as psychologist/ psychiatrists dealing with color therapies and crystal therapies.”

Cliff now teaches others how to channel and does this “very carefully,” he said.
“The course begins with helping the students to remove social rules and limitations, and then builds self-esteem and then moves into the instruction and steps to trance state. The course gives the student the tools necessary and then it is practice, practice, practice. It took me several years but most students get there if they persist in a year or two.”

He added anyone can do this as long as they maintain their interest in it. However, it is important for students to understand the universal law of Karma, he said.

“What one puts out is what one will receive in return at some other time. All my students are fully aware of this,” he noted adding, “Love is the only answer, regardless of the question. They are all committed to live in that manner.”

Cliff teaches people how to open up to their psychic abilities. When asked if anyone could become psychic he replied on a note belying his innate sense of humor.
“The rule of thumb and the ‘psychic test’ is that if you close your eyes for a second, open them and notice that you are breathing, then you are psychic. All humans are psychic. Most block that part of their being in favor of following external rules of existence.” It is not important to take one of his courses before another, he added because “opening up to psychic ability is a natural result of the channeling training.”

Cliff also teaches The Keys course, which is actually a “self-esteem, personal awareness weekend” – something he has done since 1976. He also teaches a certification course for hypnotherapy practitioners under the Canadian Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, as well as Channeling Practitioner Training. He also holds monthly Open Reading Nights at his home that have become quite popular.
A number of books have been written about this man: Cliff Preston Channels The Echo – Vol. 1, 2 and 3. In these he said, readers can learn about his life, trials and adventures. For those who wish to learn about channeling, he recommended the book he wrote entitled Diary of a Channeler.

Photo: This writer captured her first shot of a spirit present wearing a top hat during the seance.



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