Pay it All Forward to Bless Others

As this world explodes, more and more of us are under some kind of attack; whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual we know that we have an advisory with us at all times.

We are at war and the enemy is lurking and devouring, be on alert keeping eyes to the sky.

Happy is just what I am today is and tomorrow is a thursdday and then the weekend will be here before we know it as it will be another Monday Thanks given to my Father for always giving me such glorious days on the earth.

I am being in good cheer today and blessed to be here and given one more day to make a difference in the world, state and city that I now live in and with each day comes a most important job to do for my Father.

I sure do give all the Glory to God for waking me up, giving sight, hearing and the ability to speak, walk and hear, taste and smell what a miracle each are.

As our Blessings come from Heaven; as we pay it all forward and bless others on our daily walk down our paths, praying for those you meet, greet and using your discernment that the Holy spirit teaches you and Father God gives us we will know as we walk near to someone that they need a prayer; so just do it and be blessed in many ways.




  1. Gil Camporazo

    Service to others is service to God. This is the best way to bless others by telling them the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some religious denominations are doing this work – missionary work.

  2. Jo Pin

    Good to read inspirational post from you again. I missed them. An act of kindness should always be in our heart without expecting anything in return. Good to see here @nana .

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