People Make It Sound Like It is Easy to Make Money Writing Online – It’s Not

I’ve been writing online for about 10 years.  There was a time when I wrote online as my main source of income. I had a contract with a private college and did all of their blogging for them plus handled their social media accounts.  I filled in the extra with various other private clients.  I’ve never been one to use the content mills much.  Just not my thing.

Then I lost my contract (they decided to bring it all in-house) and things changed.  I had to get a job.  I have one private client that I still work for but getting new work is so hard!  And I find that most of the stuff that is offered to me is way below my price range.  I refuse to work for nothing or next to nothing. 

Despite the fact that I have an excellent portfolio and recommendations from some awesome people (even one from Pat Flynn!), I still have a hard time finding jobs that pay what I expect.  My expectations are not that high!

You can make money writing online.  But it’s not easy and if anyone tells you it is, well, just think twice.  You need to promote yourself constantly and you really need to work hard at finding work on a daily basis.

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  1. JoDee Stout

    I find that people don’t think you can make money on-line at all. Granted sometimes the earnings aren’t the best, but you can make some extra money on-line.

  2. Marie Edgerly

    yes, I agree working online is hard. I know there are alot out there that make it look so easy, but I am sure they struggled to get where they are now. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes alot of hard work, persistence, and determination. But, it can be done. I work online myself and I am still waiting to make that real money 🙂

  3. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    I totally agree with you. I have been doing this as long as you have. There were times when I was doing great and there were times when I wasn’t. That is the thing about freelancing, it has it’s ups and downs. There is nothing easy about making a living writing online. It’s a lot of hard work.

  4. Pat Z Anthony

    Like you, being online for years taught me it does not come easy. Yes, we will earn-but no one just drops money in our laps, do they? We work for anything we get.

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