Pet owners and their amazing pets!

Many with pets feel these little furry companions are like family. Although this is not something everyone would agree with, most realize those with cats or dogs feel a strong relationship or connection to their animals.

We have several pets and most of the neighbors have pets as well. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, goats-It seems there are many animals in this area that are very important to the owners.

People who have a special relationship with a pet will often seem to think their animal is special. Their horse might be thought of as one that communicates in a way only the owner will understand. Their dog might also be thought of as the only dog in the area smart enough to know when there is a change of any sort in the area.

Regardless of whether pet owners are correct about their assumptions, their pets will always be the best and will be family. This is something many of us respect, even if not a pet owner. Perhaps some readers here will understand why dog owners have been moved to say ‘The more I know people, the more I like my dog’ and other clever things humans will announce.

It you are now sharing your life with a pet of any sort, you probably know exactly why these are so important. From the hamster running on a wheel to the cat purring on your lap-these animals always make life a little better for someone.


  1. Sherry Smith

    I agree 100%. My dog is awesome and she is like my third child. I treat her and love her as though I gave birth to her. She is sweet and loving and I cannot imagine life without her. We have only had her for 7 months but it feels so much longer.

  2. IcyBC

    I am a first time dog owner, and he has grown on me, like a kid. He has a sweet temperament and follows me like my own shadow. Financially, it is draining for health check ups and shots, but he seems to come first before my own 🙂

  3. Sandy KS

    I am one of those pet peopel who say the more I get to know people, the more I like my dog. I have two amazing dogs. I have a Chug that can catch birds in midflight. How many Chugs do you know that can do that? That’s only the beginning of his abilities.

  4. Angeles Fernandez

    I complete agree with all the comments above, and with @patzanthony, post. I have to say pets are also the best company for lots of people living on their own, without close relatives. Although I prefer cats, -I always did- we have to wonderful dogs, and yes, they are soooo expensive! But it worths it!

  5. Vinaya

    I live in a farm and I have many farm animals around me. I am also a pet owner, I have a dog and a cat.

  6. Ruth Cox

    But of course I do think my dog Valentino is a special one! And yes, we do have a special connection. I have had several dogs and treat them as my best friends and family. I would not want to live my life without a canine companion.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      Valentino really is special and it is wonderful that you have him. What would life be like without our pets?

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