Cruelty to a Neighbor’s Pets: Where is Your Heart?

Our son-in-law, who drives a motorized tricycle, brought home two little kittens one day. He saw them along the road, thrown away there by the owner. That is how the cat owner disposed of the excess litters of their female cat. It’s inhumane, I should say. Kittens have the right to live, just like the humans.

When the kittens came to live with us we fed them with left-over foods. We never fed them commercial cat food. The cat grew over the days and weeks and, as they grew, they became smarter. They wanted to impress upon us that they could be useful. They caught the scavengers roaming the house every night. Every morning my wife was busy cleaning the floor of the dead mice.

Dhewak is sleeping for staying late at night

Dhewal, sound sleep after staying out late at night

Dhewal got his name from his mannerism. It is a word from the local dialect for always sticking his tongue out.  After eating his food at night, he would go into the kitchen to ready himself for catching mice. The other one is Garfol, the night shift guard, that always stays beside our home phone. With their presence, our house became rodent-free. Both of them were well-loved by my grandchildren and my youngest son as well.

The other cat is Garfol, the night shift guard. He would always remain beside our home phone. With their presence, our house became rodent-free. Both of them were well-loved by my grandchildren, and my youngest son as well.

Since there were no more mice around the house, the cats took to going outside to hunt at night. One day, we were shocked to see Dhewal’s right front foot had been hacked up. It was terrible! We treated it with antibiotics. It took several weeks to heal. We pitied him. The culprit who did harm him was heartless, we believed. Since he was ill, Dhewal just stayed at the corner of the house, doing nothing.

Sleeping Garfol

Sleeping Garfol after a night-long job

Since he was ill, Dhewal just stayed at the corner of the house, doing nothing. Garfol changed his guarding area. He took over guarding the kitchen and the sala, the guest room. He never failed us to catch at least one mouse every other day.

As I mentioned, the house is almost mouse-free. Garfol went from catching mice to hunting house lizards. We stopped him and talked to him like a man. House lizards are friends. They eat pestering insects like the mosquitoes and other bugs. He obeyed us. But after that, we noticed that he never stayed at home at night. He went to our neighbor’s houses instead.

One day, he too came home struggling with a beaten left hind foot. We tried to hold him but he evaded us. If we forced ourselves to get him, he wanted to bite us. So we left him suffering from the pain in his foot. We gave him his food in the corner where he stayed. It was several days before he had recovered enough that we managed to hold him without resistance.

One day after we ate our supper. We had a family council to discuss the behavior of the cats and how they should be taken care of. We wanted them to stay safe and decided they shouldn’t scavenge from the neighbor’s houses. While we were discussing them, both the cats were seated in front of us. They were listening as if they know what we were talking about. After a few hours of interaction among us, we took our snacks and we also shared to Dhewal and Garfol.


Where’s Dhewal?

My granddaughter and my wife were the ones who fed Dhewal. Adgel informed us that it had already been more than a day that Dhewal wasn’t around the house. My wife also noticed that. She went around our neighbor’s houses to look for Dhewal. She came home crestfallen, for there was no Dhewal. We worried in the house.

Finally, our daughter-in-law informed us that she heard from our neighbor who had seen Dhewal lately. She said that Dhewal was dead and he had been thrown away in some far place, wrapped in a plastic bag. When I arrived from work, my wife had told me about the fate of Dhewal. I wept. I couldn’t believe it. I missed the nights when I played with him and teased him. My wife missed Dhewal very much too. Every morning cleaning our backyard, she remembered the Dhewal. She had always cleaned the dead mice and rats which Dhewal caught and killed the night before.

We are affected by the loss of Dhewal. To those who killed our cat, where are their hearts?


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    What a sad story! We have also had a pet cat killed by a neighbour. When I was a little girl, a neighbour driving by on his motorbike swerved onto our lawn when he saw the cat napping in the grass. He drove right over the cat’s neck while he lay there asleep. Poor thing never had a chance!

    This was done out of hatred and prejudice. Some people in the neighbourhood were angry at my father because he was a Francophone who had married an Anglophone and raised English-speaking children. They thought he was a traitor and they wanted to hurt him. They knew he loved that cat and that his children would be devastated by the cat’s death.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      I am very sorry. This reminds me of my hatred to those who did cruelty to our pet cat Dhewal. The pet that you cared and treated you as one of the members of your family, was left you untimely. I don’t know what had happened to those culprits.

    2. Kyla Matton Osborne

      @andriaperry A Francophone’s mother tongue is French. An Anglophone’s mother tongue is English. My father is a Québécois who didn’t learn English until he was an adult. I, on the other hand, was raised speaking English and didn’t really feel comfortable speaking French until I was an adult. In the 70s in Quebec, marrying an Anglophone and not teaching your kids any French was considered quite traitorous. It was sort of like being considered a race traitor in the Deep South. Things could actually get violent…

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      We have so many of them here in the Philippines. They even butcher those cats for foods.

  2. Rex Trulove

    There are very few things that will get me angry faster than seeing anyone being cruel to animals. They are proving that they aren’t capable of rational thought. Intentional cruelty of any sort is a sin. Still, I’ve very sorry that this happened to your kitty.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Thanks for such sympathy @rextrulove. In the Philippines, there is law for that to punish those heartless people who torture and kill animals of any kind.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      We couldn’t find the same Dhewal anymore. Garfol is only cat we have at home. He serves as the only reminder of Dhewal’s expertise in catching rats and mice.

  3. Andria Perry

    I am a firm believer in ” what you do now, will affect you later.” or some may say ” what goes around comes around.”

    They will also suffer for the pain they inflict on animals.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Is that a curse? or a karma? Well, it’s only God who gives them of what they deserve for their cruelty to the innocent animals.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      We are not aware of a curse, but others are. That is the simplest thing they could do to those animal haters.

  4. Eva James

    So sorry to hear what happened to your cats. Some people can be very cruel. But I feel like Andria and karma will catch up with them

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Animals do live and act by their instincts and we human know what is wrong and what is right. You’re right that those animals need a bit of respect and consideration that they want to live like us too.

  5. Grecy Garcia

    Oh no, I just lost a kitten a while ago but she passed away because she is ill. She is a white kitty, very cute and smart kitty. Her death is sudden for me. Whenever I read someone losing their pet either someone stole them, kill them, killed by an accident or illness, I weep. I cry. I feel down lately and this makes me cry. I don’t know what words I will say, but those who did this to your pet might face their own karma. I believe in that.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      God forbid. I know they know what they are doing and they will accountable for that later.

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