Animals and People: Pets, Livestock and Familiars that are Hidden in the Dark of Night

We love and keep pets in our homes. They become part of us. They do enjoy our company as we enjoy theirs too. People keep animals for very many reasons, including our pets and livestock, and animals who do work for people in some way. Some of these working animals are never shown in public, and they do they work in the dark of night.


Reasons for Keeping Pets and Other Animals

  • Pets: Animals that drive loneliness from us.

We keep pets to give us companionship. Cats and dogs come in handy when it comes to such pets. One may find himself so lonely that he may need an animal to talk to and play with.

  • Animals kept for food

There are some animals which people keep for food. Most farm livestock falls into this category. These animals are loved but it reaches a time when the love ends in slaughtering them for meat.

  • Animals kept for aesthetic value

These are pets which people keep for beauty purposes. They are for people to show them off. Parrots and snakes may fall in this category.

  • Animals kept to protect us

Some pets protect us from harm. Snakes and other rodents will not come near a cat. Dogs are good watchmen and hunters.

  • Animals kept to amuse us

There happen to be some animals that we keep to amuse or entertain people. Most animals shown in zoos and circuses are kept for this purpose.

  • Animals kept for acting

Some pets are kept for acting on television and in the movies.

The list of various domesticated animals and exotic pets is too long that if I try to mention all, then I will write more than ten of these posts.


Pets That Are Not Shown In Public

Do you know of any pets that are never shown in public? These pets are kept indoors and are fed only at the dead of the night. In Africa where I come from, we have plenty of such. There are two animals in question here. One is a type of snake and the other a type of leopard or cheetah. They are familiars, kept by witches and wizards who use them in their evil work. Night runners also use such animals too. My wonder is how these people discovered that the animals are good in night running and also in bewitching people.


Where are these animals kept?

Those who own the animals have dug deep holes in the dark part of their houses where they keep the animals. As the animal’s beddings, they use writing material of neighbor’s school-going children, food leftovers from neighbors, money, and anything they can collect from any neighbor they want to bewitch. When they lie on these things, calamity befalls those from whom the witches took their belongings. Children fail in examinations and can never excel. Businesses fail and employment ends. People sometimes die just because of these pets that are kept in the dark and not shown in public.




  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    This was an interesting post to read, Meshack. I am always struck by the stark difference in the perception of wizards and witches, in Africa or Asia vs in the West. We have Druids leading Summer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge, wise women who heal people with energy and with herbs, Wicca as a peaceful and earth-based religion, and the world of Harry Potter. The magical folk in your world are very different to ours….

  2. Andria Perry

    What you describe using animals to make people fail in life is what is called Voo-Doo here in the USA. For the most part I have only heard of this black magic being done down around the gulf coast.

    I will not be so bold to say that it works or doesn`t. Only God knows those answers.

    I tweeted this article

  3. Rex Trulove

    Witchcraft and voodooism is what the bible refers to as soothsaying and fortune telling, which the bible says is a sin against God. However, there are a few animals that aren’t commonly shown in public because of what the public reaction would be. Two that come to mind are snakes and tarantulas (spiders). More people are afraid of those two animals than all of the others combined. Interestingly, dogs bite more people than snakes and spiders do. Also, Tarantulas are very non-aggressive spiders. 🙂

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