Pets Saving Their Master

Do you believe that your pets save you? I have been to a lot of pets in my entire life. I noticed that when one of the family is ill, one of them dies. Sometimes it is sudden, sometimes they are really ill resulted to death. Just this week, my oldest dog Tutay started vomiting bile. It started Friday and we rushed her in the veterinary clinic yesterday, Saturday. Today, she already passed away. It was sudden. 

I remember every time there is one member of the family that is ill or sick, someone from my pets will die. When my father got hospitalized 2014, one of the cat dies. My father survived it. The same goes when my mother got ill. At present, I am the one that is ill and I lost one dog and two cats. It was all sudden death. It is not helping me anymore. 

Do you believe pets are saving their master? It happens to my friends too and it happens to some pet lovers too. We believe on it but will never agree on it. It is much better that no one will dies and all will get through it, but again things always happens for a reason and we just need to accept it. I don’t know my reaction about it. Instead of the master dies, their pets will just sacrifice for them. It is not okay, but I don’t know why it happens and I do not agree…

If it is true, I want to thank them for doing it to their master. They will always be remembered. 

Image credit @grecy- my cat Lyka, comforting me about Tutay’s passing.



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  1. Gil Camporazo

    That is superstitious. It has no basis at all. It is just a coincidence. Or if we put it in a more serious way, animals are less in resistance to diseases or virus. that is my personal point of view.

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @bestwriter I noticed it and so as lots of my friends who have pets. We all have the same experience that is why we come out of a conclusion, but of course, no one will believe us.

    @tranquilpen I hope you share about Tuffy in one of your posts.

    @nakitakona13 We all just came on a conclusion though a lot of people don’t believe us . Who wants to have a pet dying because someone is ill in the family, i hope no one will die. It just happens and death is inevitable.

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