Phishing Site that Appears to come from Paypal, Please Read and Share

I was checking my email when I got to received this email from a Paypal scammer. I do regularly report to Paypal whenever I am receiving a phishing email from scammer so I reported this one too. At first, I saw this email using my mobile phone. I checked it immediately. From my phone, it has a different logo. The logo is letter B and not letter P. Usually, if I received an email from Paypal, it has a logo of letter P in blue color. From the logo itself, it appears to be a phishing site. I checked the full view on my laptop and forwarded this email to Paypal.

If you are not aware of this kind of phishing site, it is the site that will create an email that when you received it you will worry too much about your account. Mostly they will let you log in to your Paypal account with the use of the link they provided. On my photo, they used title that will really make me scared, “Your account has been changed”. On the photo, the “Renew my Info” is the part that when you click it, a Paypal fake site will come out and you will log in your email and password. On that way, this scam site will get your login details to get your account. 

I am not fooled by this phishing site. Even an email appears to be true, I do not click any link they provided even if it contains a good opportunity. It will lead you to a site that will need you to type your login details and to make it worst, it contains virus that corrupt the system of your computer. It happens to a friend, so I am learning.

If you received something like this you don’t need to click something on the email itself, but click forward email and type [email protected] on the email address and send it to Paypal.

Photo is mine


  1. Vinaya

    When I receive email, I will always check the sender’s address. If the paypal email does not looklike support at paypal dot com, I will never respond

  2. marilou luzon

    I also experienced this several times. I never click the links they are sending and I keep checking the email address of the sender first before I make any move 🙂

  3. Gil Camporazo

    I am a regular PayPal user for my many processor. As far as I remember I have been using PayPal for almost 6 years now. It is good that I have not received any suspicious email from PayPal’s scammer.

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