Photo ideas for Newbies: Why not use your own?

Whether you are new to writing online or just new to, you might realize a photo with anything written is a great idea. Photos used with any article attracts more attention. However, you really want to use photos you have permission to use when contributing any article online.

One way to be certain you are using photos on or other sites that are really okay to use online would be to use your own photos. Some do not like the idea of going through the process of taking photos and uploading these in order to include their own pictures with their thoughts. However, with the cell phones and tablets available today, most would admit it takes just a few minutes to take a great picture and upload it.

Photos used with articles do not have to a particular time in most cases. If you are writing about pizza, yes-you might want to include a picture of pizza or of the ingredients used to make one. However, if you are writing an article about something in general, a photo of the sky or a landscape picture will often be fine.

If you really are not comfortable with using your phone to take pictures for or another site, perhaps try taking a few to share with friends online using another site. Most seem to be doing photo sharing on a daily basis these days. No doubt most reading these will be fine with sharing photos that belong to them.

Do you have any photo ideas for Newbies you would like to share?




  1. grace

    I have a passion for photography and tug my camera along specially when I stroll in my garden. But sometimes in order to get an image suiting the blog I search mostly on Wikimedia Commons.

  2. Vinaya

    I use four kinds of photos,
    my own
    photos from my family
    creative commons photo from photo sites
    photos that I have rights to use.

    1. Sandy KS

      I prefer to use my own. I try t take photos of everything when I can. Lol.

  3. Ruth Cox

    I prefer to use my own photos, taken with my cell phone. A photographer I am not but I feel my own images are better used in my article writing than those of others. I do occasionally use images that are available from sources that allow commercial use, such as morgueFile.

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