Please Let It Rain Today

We need rain so badly. I thought maybe if I wrote about it it would be able to actually give out and rain. We had some very minor drizzles earlier this morning. That was not enough by far. It was like one rain drop in a massive ocean, it didn’t make any difference. Like a cloud going over, the rain just stopped as soon as it arrived. I wish it would be able to give us more.

Maybe today sometime it will. I just read the forecast for my exact location and it now reads we should get an 80% chance of a storm. How long the storm will be out there is a mystery though. No one knows, most of the time they are only here about ten to fifteen minutes. We could use a slow but steady rainfall that soaks into the ground now and doesn’t run off because of too much all at once.

The latter won’t make a difference either. The plants are scorched, I lost a few of my coriander plants that I have out on the car that is just sitting there. My brother has three vehicles here like that so I might as well make some use out of them. Besides I thought they were safe, we have groundhogs that eat things like that which we grow. So much for safeness, if one thing doesn’t get them another one will. Therefore that’s why I had an extra plant or two nearer to the shade, thank goodness. The weather is really too hot all over the USA right now. Some rain will cool things off some.


Photo by Pixabay


  1. Andria Perry

    We are beginning to get a little more rain, after everything died. I ask for you to get rain too!

    Yep hot metal is not good for plants.

    Tweeted this.

  2. Ann Bailey

    I do a lot of container gardening and it is very difficult keeping them watered all the time.! We are supposed to have 80% chance of rain today, but I think it is by-passing us too.

  3. S.L. Luna

    I hope you get the amount of rain you need over there. Thanks for writing about the weather there , it s good to know how things are going under the summer heat. I have my mom living in New Jersey and a brother, all I know is that they have the air-conditioning on, my mom can’t go outside most of the time , its hot . zThere is a severe change of climate everywhere, and flooding. Here in Manila we just had two week nonstop rains, the southwest monsoon, its s yearly phenomenon, we get used to the flooding and landslides, and seeing WaterWorkd, and casualties. I thought I could have given some of it to you and the places needing the much needed rain if I have the power to do so .

  4. Jo Pin

    Right here on the other side of you, have been raining everyday so hard enough to cancel schools, work and stores to close. I hope to see Mr.Sun soon. The monsoon rains even flooded some low-lying areas and it is just so devastating to watch some houses destroyed and damaged by heavy rains.

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