Are Annoying Pop-up Ads Getting in Your Way? 5 Big Reasons Sites Should Avoid This Kind of Advertising

You must have heard me right. If you are doubting then I will repeat for your sake. Sites will  not be using pop-up ads. But they earn revenue for the sites. Oh, yes, they do. YET here are the reasons:


1. The Ads Disturb the Users

It is very disturbing for ads to pop up anytime you want to do your work. Maybe you want to comment  on an item, and an ad suddenly pops up and blocks the comment box. When you click, alas, it is on the ad. Then you find yourself in another window. You struggle. Yes, I mean exactly that. You struggle to close the ad window and go back to the comment. You get disturbed and may abandon trying to comment. There are too many pop ups. You want to read, there is a pop up. You want to write and ads do pop up as well.

The ads also stop or slow the loading of pages on the site. Members who need to earn from the ads may stop working on the site because they become frustrated at not being able to accomplish their work.

I wonder who will enjoy these disturbing pop-ups. Wait! Will you enjoy the site? No! You will not. It is the case of disturbing pop up ads.


2. The Pop-up Ads Can Make Google Underrate the Site

Google have announced steps to punish sites which uses pop-up ads. This move has been reported by BBC. The move is aimed to discourage sites from using this type of ads. The sites will be ranked low.

Wow, this is serious! Most sites especially writing or blogging ones want to be ranked high in search engines. SEO is taken very seriously. If the ranking could be destroyed by pop-up ads then they better be removed.


3. Pop-up Ads Fail at the Purpose They Are Supposed to Serve

Pop-up ads are supposed to be an advertisement of certain goods and services. They can inform readers of a product and encourage them to buy or use it. If they end up annoying the person they are supposed to entice, this can ensure use of the product is lacking.


4. Some Pop-up Ads Are Offensive

Some ads come with nudity, which make some decent members to work in secret. They do not want to be associated with the site, due to the offensive nature of its pop-up ads. One cannot work in view of children and other respectable people.

Other pop-up ads are offensive to some religious beliefs. Some religions are very particular about what they eat and how they dress. When ads on the contrary pop up, it can potentially offend such people.


5. Some Sites Might Be Mistaken Due to Pop up Ads

You are on a blogging site. As you try to work, an ad pops up. You click on it. You might mistake the site for a click-to-pay site. The site therefore changes from what it was to another.

Another example is when dating sites keep popping up. It is as if you are on a dating site.



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  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s especially important for bloggers and site owners to pay attention to the news about Google penalizing sites that have pop-up ads. This may even end up having an impact on some bloggers who use services like SumoMe to add social media options, email subscriber lists, etc. to their blogs. Many of these services use a full-page ad for the subscription service or have a pop-up that appears while a reader is viewing the site. Some can even be next to impossible to dismiss.

    If Google decides to penalize this type of pop-up, there are a lot of bloggers whose search rankings will be adversely affected.

    1. Pat Z Anthony

      Some are wondering if this became an issue with a site we contributed to for many years. The site is now closed-

    2. Kyla Matton Osborne

      @patzanthony It can be tough to balance the overall quality of the site with the ads that generate income to keep the site going. This is one of the reasons we are happy with our payment model. Because we haven’t got a fixed amount to pay out, we don’t have to make sacrifices that we feel are too big.

      We can allow the ads, yes. But we don’t have to resort to really rude pop-ups that could potentially chase members away or tarnish the reputation of the site.

  2. Andria Perry

    I am SO glad Mike took down the one that was here! It got on my nerves so badly! I usually will just leave a site with those pop ups.

    I tweeted this article.

  3. Treathyl FOX

    Did not review the BBC report. Don’t care what it says. Google has no business interfering in other people’s business in such a manner. They made their money from advertising. If they take such actions it could be interpreted as Google management trying to “play Lord” and force others to have to use Google Ad Sense, since Google Ad Sense ads don’t DO Pop Ups. Just sayin’. That’s what it sort of looks like. Somebody need to stand up to the giant. David stood up to Goliath. Just sayin.’

    1. Treathyl FOX

      @stbrians – When I have to face off with a giant, the Only One I petition is God through prayer. Whatever His answer is, I abide by it. 🙂

  4. Coral Levang

    Agreed about the pop ups. It’s hard to know whether no pop-up ads or pop up spam Kama which often has malware spyware or other bugs in it. I don’t trust any of that stuff nowadays.

  5. Rex Trulove

    The really sad fact is that as annoying as popups are, they actually *do* work. If they didn’t, nobody would use them. They’d lose money. Since they aren’t losing money, it is logical to assume that some people are clicking on them, enough that it does drive some revenue.

    1. Rex Trulove

      I’m definitely not saying that I like popups, nor am I defending the practice, I was just pointing out that they do work, as annoying as they are. I’m writing about that right now. 🙂

  6. Peter Streep

    I distrust over advertised websites, websites with pop up’s are the worst and normally I go back to google and click a different site to get the information I want. Pop ups are to me like a bang in my face, like the door to door seller of the old days who sticks his foot between the door and the post or a evangelist who wants to convert you with emotional blackmail.etc.etc.
    I don’t mind advertisement but not in an aggressive way.

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