Prayer Quilt for our Granddaughter

In mid April, our 20 year old granddaughter went to the doctor for swollen glands.  She has a very rapid heart rate so while there, the doctor did an EKG and sent her to the hospital for more testing since it was over 155 BPM.   While at the hospital, they did more EKG’s and an exray.   That should a 4″ tumor in her left lung.  She has been having test after test and when she had the biopsy, it came back inconclusive since the tumor is so large and the needle biopsy was so small.  We live in South Carolina, Alexandra lives in Ohio and last week we went up to meet with her surgeon.  He is very thorough in explaining everything and went over all her tests.  It was determined that the tumor is from the top of her lung, down to her T7 vertebra and pressing on her aorta.  He scheduled her for an MRI of her spine to see if any of her spinal cord nerves are affecting the tumor.  That test is being done right now as I’m writing this.  As soon as the results come back, surgery will be scheduled, the surgeon is looking at the beginning of August. Our bags are packed and as soon as we get the date, hubby and I are off to Ohio to be with our precious granddaughter.



One of our clients from work, presented us with a beautiful Prayer Quilt that was made by the quilting group of her church and signed my many.  It is so beautiful and when we showed it to our friend at the business next to ours, he asked if he could take it to his church since they have a prayer chain for her.



When he returned it last Monday, it was loaded with prayers and well wishes.  Since then, our customers have signed messages on it and we will take it with us so Alexandra can be wrapped in love and prayers while in the hospital.



I know prayers work and God will be with Alexandra and also be guiding the hands of her surgeons.  As soon as we get the call with the date, we will be on our way to Ohio.



  1. Martha DeMeo Post author

    Thank you shaloo! I’m making her a book with all the prayers and messages I’ve received and will be sure yours gets in the book!

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    What a beautiful show of caring! It’s amazing how people can come together when someone is in need. Your granddaughter and all who love her are in my thoughts and prayers, as always. Please keep updating us whenever you can.

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      It is amazing Kyla and what even more amazing is these are people that we don’t even know! Love is everywhere!

  3. Martha DeMeo Post author

    Kyla, I was so amazed when we were presented this beautiful prayer quilt. We don’t even know anyone from the church, just goes to show the love that is out there for others. She certainly has a much larger “family” than she will ever imagine. I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

  4. Sandy KS

    Aw, what a neat way to show your grand daughter that there are people who care and are praying for her. I do hope she pulls through. As I have been saying prayers for her as well.

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      This is definitely a keepsake for Alexandra. She will always have love and prayers around her.

  5. Martha DeMeo Post author

    The quilting group does amazing work GL. The neat thing, when we have scraps of fabric left over from our projects, we donate to schools and church groups. When I saw the fabrics, it brought an extra smile since I recognized many from the window treatments we made. Alexandra will also remember many of them also.

  6. Vinaya

    Prayer quilt! Wow, that’s a great idea. I surely gives comfort to the people are are struggling with health complications and other issues.

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      I was so surprised when it was brought to us Vinaya, she will always have comfort knowing so many people love her.

  7. Nona

    Such a hard thing for a family to go through, especially with you so far away!

    But love is clearly there, and I wish her the speediest of recoveries!

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      Thanks Nona, Alex is our world and we would go to the end of the earth for her. As soon as she gets surgery date, we’ll be heading up to be with her.

  8. Pat Z Anthony

    It was very thoughtful of your client to do this. Hopefully things go even easier than you could ever imagine-better yet, the thing disappears! It happens-

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      I’m learning on this site, I just realized I can click the little back arrow and leave comments for the post I’m reading!

  9. Martha DeMeo Post author

    I was so surprised when she presented it to us Pat. With all the thoughts and prayers, Alex is in good hands. Hopefully this will all be behind us soon.

  10. Donna

    God Bless your granddaughter, your family, clients and all who have signed the quilt my prayer is for a miracle healing in her body

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      Thank you so much Donna. Alexandra doesn’t know how large of a “family” she has.

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      Thank you so much Marsha! I know prayers work and we are waiting for the surgeon to call with the date and we’re off to Ohio with the quilt. Waiting is the hardest but God has it covered.

    2. Martha DeMeo Post author

      Thank you so much Marsha. We got the last MRI results and it’s so much more involved that we thought. I know prayers work and God is holding Alex in his arms.

  11. Ruth Cox

    What a beautiful prayer quilt for your granddaughter and such a lovely gift from the hearts of many. Warm thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones for this journey.

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