Proofread: Title, Grammar, Spelling, Spaces, Periods, — Consider Keywords, SEO, Content

We may be eager to write furiously with passion, love to share the world our thoughts, feelings, but don’t forget the very basics of writing an article. it’s the one thing that blogger/s tends to forget, to proofread their work! This would determine our discipline as to how we can be able to compose an article with an almost certainly smooth, clean and clear understanding of what we express to our readers.



Most, if not that writing an article from the beginning can be a labor to consider. You’ll have to do something far from another career. Research on the particular subject can be tiring too, it will take a lot of time doing it, reading is another matter to contemplate, you have to weigh your feeling too hard to start to write or should I say writer’s block!


The catchy blog title is also a must, not too short not too long. You’ll have to give the title a more convincing power to persuade your reader to read your article.

Proofreading is a must for the writers. This will lessen our mistakes after mistakes intentionally or not. Spaces between words, though, seem nothing wrong at first glance, but it will add drama to your article once the reader is reading your article, spaces is a way to breath distance between words when you are looking at it. If you are in doubt of a certain word or words or its meaning or thesaurus, never forget to consult your dictionary or online dictionary, it will help you a lot as you go along.

I’m not an English writer, to begin with. I write in Filipino or Tagalog, my native language. This is a big leap for me writing in another language. I have to adjust concurrently from blogging to writing poems in Tagalog. This is one thing I consider both blessings and learning at the same time. I’m being careful, not to bog with forever and the same old writing style I felt I didn’t grow up since I started to write. There’s nothing wrong being on the safe side rather than being sorry because my blog is not worth reading and excessively criticize for being a novice and a trying hard writer. Though sometimes the more we are focused on our subject we tend to forget that we really need to use a period to pause or comma for the reader’s time to give them a chance to ponder. There’s no excuse for neglecting for that matter.

Ah! The gold in a bucket! Without SEO lurking on this site, we are worthless blogging site. The SEO is the heart of blogging industry or any business that needs its service. With this, I will try to write about it in order for the newbies to maximize it and the use of Keywords instead of a regular and callous words that can be detrimental to this site. Quality content is hard to beat!


Whatever reason we may have or how hard writing can be, writing really is a commitment. You and I are married to words without paper (I mean marriage contract), but you and I use paper or personal computer (word processor in particular) and words too as a sign of contract to get involve with it no matter what season or event that we’ve encountered, our longing to write is continually there and will always be in our soul!



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  1. grace

    There is not much importance given to grammar and spelling I notice as long as the posts are SEO friendly and lengthy with effective titles. .
    But I write for my own satisfaction and therefore see that I do not make grammar and spelling mistakes, as far as possible.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      Grammar impacts on SEO, Grace. The search engines aren’t going up and down the rows with a metre stick or circling errors with a red pen and making us write out the corrections ten times each. But if grammar is poor enough to interfere with readability, the search engines will rank a page lower than if its grammar were excellent.

      You should also be aware that on BlogBourne, the users are encouraged to use the “Report Article” button to draw attention to any writer whose content has serious grammatical issues. The admin will reward the user who made the report if it’s well founded and will work with the reported author to improve writing skill. how many other sites can claim they give that kind of attention to grammar?

  2. grace

    I have seen that announcement about reporting and poor English is one of the points. The question is what is poor English for BlogBourne. .

  3. Shane Ilagan

    Thank you, Sir John. What are the keywords you used in this article? I feel guilty on what you said that you’re trying hard writer because I’ve seen it to myself. hehe

    1. John Post author

      Just keep on writing and you are not guilty of anything. It’s a matter of polishing your work with enduring patience to make it better.

  4. Vinaya

    I also write in English as a second language. My language skills may not be as good as the natives, however, I always try to write grammatically correct.

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