Public Doctors Treatments and Medications



I’ve noticed ever since before the difference between without money and with money especially when it comes to health medications.This past few days I was always at the hospital because my 6 mos old daughter had a symptoms of Dengue.I ran my daughter to the hospital to make sure that she will be cured with her illness.


Its just that this public Doctors are very arrogant they seem to treat poor people not fair.If you are in a public service you should have to do your job with a heart and not because you have a profession as a Doctor the you can treat sick people as a beggar.


I’ve noticed that they are arrogant and seems they are always mad when you come to ER for an emergency.Unlike at the private hospital doctors that are always very kind and they treat their patients with a smile and their treatments are so kind.


Whats the worst part is that this Doctors only confined their patients when its bloody already and they help when its dying patients.

I was told by the public Doctor to bring my child back home instead of I want my child to confined to make sure that they can monitor my child condition because her platelet is too low, high fever at 40 and a rashes all over her body.

God is so good to me that hears my prayers to heal my 6 mos old daughter that after 3 days of monitor at home and medications her platelets went up and she is not weak anymore and rashes disappears.

I hope that this government should aware this public Doctors to treat their patients as beggars and most of all patients always being ignored.


  1. Cris Bernal

    That’s how they are. They have no God in their lives. Private doctors will treat you fairly because of your money. As a mother too, prayer is the best weapon. To make your child healthy, let her take Kiddie 24/7 to make her healthy and free from sickness. It is a food supplements that supplies multi-vitamins of your child.

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