Puppies Will Leave Soon

I am kind of sad tonight. I know that both of my babies will be leaving this weekend if everything goes as planned. I am always happy to see them go to their new homes, but at the same time I miss them a lot the first few days. Breeding and raising babies to sell is not for everyone. But I love to see the face of a little boy or girl when they get their new best friend. It has not mattered if it was a rabbit kitten, horse or puppy. Seeing the smile when a child is involved makes it worth it.

Jack has been sold since before he was born. Now Jill has a potential new home. I say potential as I have no money yet. They are coming to see her Sunday and take her home then. The house will seem empty after the last eight weeks. But it actually starts 65 or so days before that.

Here is the process. First you need two adult dogs that are healthy and well adjusted. Great temperaments to me at least are a must. Then when the female is ready to breed you let them be together. It is best to have a quiet place with no distractions. This is because dogs are unable to separate for a few minutes and you dont want one or both of them jumping or trying to run somewhere. They can get badly hurt. Most will stay still until it is safe to move. Then the care of the female starts. For the most part that is no different than you normally do. Plenty of food and exercise. But you do want to be alert in case she is not feeling good in any way so you can get to the vet. Next is the delivery of the puppies. They come anywhere between 63 and up 70 or so days. Usually by 65 days.  Most will give birth just fine by themselves. But I try to be there in case she needs help. Now according to what breed you are raising you may need to take them to the vet around three days old. Some breeds to remove the dew claws some breeds to dock the tails and some like my dobermans have both done. Now you can relax and watch them grow as long as nothing goes wrong. But you need to check them everyday to make sure they are gaining weight and growing. Also make sure mommy is not losing too much weight. At four weeks they get wormed, six weeks wormed and first shots, and eight weeks wormed again. By four weeks mommy will not be feeding as much and they will start eating other foods so make sure you have that or soften your regular dog food for them. I wait until they get their first shots to take them outside to be safer against catching anything. That is when I put them on leashes to give them the idea of those. I also start teaching them to come when I call. But the best is watching them romp and run in the fresh air. Then the next thing I know it is time to say goodbye. It is always bittersweet. I hope for great homes and love seeing happy people with a new puppy. But I miss all the noise and rottenness that they bring into the home.

IMG_20160720_240113068  IMG_20160810_142715818

Dont they just look sooo cute. Of course just today Jack bit a hole in a chair cushion and Jill tore the dog food bag open.


    1. Sandy KS

      Yes, I like the bonding part. Someone who raises puppies sure can make a difference in how they react with other people.

  1. Coral Levang

    I admire you for being able to do these things. If a puppy where to chew holes in my cushions I would be so angry. But they certainly are cute!

    1. Eva James Post author

      He got a butt smacking. lol But at least the cushions are old. That is how he did it so quickly. One bite and pull and the material just ripped. When I heard that I got him. Feel bad for both people buying these two for the next few months. They are both hyper and rotten

    1. Eva James Post author

      That is the best part of getting them sold. I can quit mopping everyday. Not counting when they have play time with the other dogs and drag things all over.

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