Putting Keywords On Your Blog — Love Letter Style

Sample only:

A Love Letter To My Love

It must be fair and lovely with someone you love. Definitely, I love her dark and lovely au naturale feature. Her big smile makes my heart throb endlessly. I love the way you love me and I reciprocate it with unselfish love, though we are miles apart.

I can’t hardly wait to see you on my birthday. I miss you so much, I miss the way we talk all night drinking champagne. I miss the moment we are all looking at the stars, with such a wonderful bright evening.

As time goes by, though, we are what we constantly do, it’s not that hard I hope we are still on the right road. There are ups and downs in our life, I know we have to work on our relationship and by doing it, together we stand as strong as ever!

Oh, by the way, I have a surprise for you, I hope you are going to love this, ha-ha! Well, it’s late, I am going to sleep now, sweet dreams my Ever Dearest! See you soon then! I love you with all my heart.


The keywords and the equivalent amount that I have used on this love letter.

love letter to my love 2]


fair and lovely 1






apart 1





i miss you 1


stars 1a


 Here I used a keywords that has no value


as time goes by 1



we are what we are 1

Here I used a keywords that has no value too


work on our relationship 1

Same here, I used a keywords that has no value too


together 1


by the way 1



going to sleep 1


see you soon 1


i love you with all my heart 1



These are the heavy keywords I’ve used in the sample love letter. 


I know it’s hard at first to compose an article with keywords, but with constant practice and disciplne it will be easy as counting numbers as 1 2 and 3!

This is my simple motto for me to move on: JUST KEEP ON WRITING!


Source: https://serps.com/tools/keyword-research/




    1. John Post author

      Redeeming is on a monthly basis sir. This is not Bubblews or BlogJob blogging site. This site does not follow the old and traditional payment. You will be informed as soon as the revenue payment is in the box.

      First of all, try to put Quality Content in your article. Second, try to use Keywords that are vital to monthly revenue of this site sir.

  1. JoDee Stout

    O.k. I’m illiterate at “keywords.” How do we know if we use them and any place to find the “keywords” to use in post? I’m trying 😉

    1. John Post author

      It’s only a guide, grace. You can choose one or two keywords and play with it. It’s all up to your choosing.

      “A keyword is a word or phrase (called a keyword phrase) that is used to help index content on Web pages so search engines such as Google can better categorize them and deliver those pages appropriately when people conduct searches.
      In other words, Google scans your blog pages and identifies keywords and keyword phrases using a contextual algorithm. Google then indexes those pages based on the content and keywords found on those pages and delivers them when people search using the keywords found on your blog pages.”

      Source: http://weblogs.about.com/od/gp/g/KeywordDefinition.htm

  2. grace

    I have some knowledge about keywords. My question was, in a particular blog, in order that it becomes SEO friendly is there a place where we are guided on the right choice of keywords.

    1. John Post author

      There are sources that we can use as a guide like I posted here. You can try to google for high-value keyword or keyword phrase and use it to your blog.

  3. grace

    Thanks. I will look for them. Keywords is the key to any blog that could go on the first page of Google Search and I am aiming for that 🙂

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