Racial Whitewashing in modern society

Whitewashing refers to an act of covering something such as a wall with a whitewash.  Frequently whitewashing has been used to refer to an act of hiding some unpleasant truth about someone or something. Majorly, it might not involving covering unpleasant truth but also the good truth so as wrong part swims in victory’s pool.

Whitewashing may be termed as the modern abattoir palace of racism and discrimination. Despite of its roots in various activities in the world, it remains unnoticed. Naivety and ignorance are the main reasons why nightmare remains unturned.  It’s a monster that we can’t go against, because of its nativity. Moreover, it has been accepted as part of the society. So any step against it, you are washed away with waves and buried in an unmarked grave. And you be remembered as person who praised discrimination and racism.

The most common type of whitewashing is racial one.  This occurs in the recent centuries and it’s very hard to fight. Because of poor legal policies to fight such type of crimes. Racial whitewashing often affects blacks and Asians, especially in the art, music, and movie and advertisement industry.


For instance, an Asian or African movie which has an historic and traditional setting within these continents, will be flagged with main characters as white. How does this feel? Is it fair? This is act is rude and so unfair to other races. It’s so sad because we accept this and applaud.


Many of us, have been brought up in a brainwashed and whitewashed era until we forgot our own cultures. This is why an African or Asian traditional movie will have a main cast as Whiteman. It’s like a new art of modern slavery. That involves stealing ones originality, and drowning it in well of mud that he or she can’t remember. How does it feel when you are snatched that one piece that you hold on to sentimental?

For example, how can it be that the main character of Chinese movie about building the Great wall be a Whiteman {Matt Damon}? How does it feel, when someone tries to snatch one great part of your country’s history and heritage in name of marketing and advertisement. First, who said your country’s heritage is for sale. This is a con.


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