Rape Incident, Rape Cases

Rape is one of predicament situations worldwide. It has been rampant for massive cities especially here in the Philippines. There are possibilities why “RAPE” exist;

Dealing with Drugs

Drug is one of the most common problem towards government and civilian. This is one of the causes why drug addicts commit rape. As I research in the internet. Drug can affect brains in numerous use. These are the effects engaging drugs.

Impaired Judgment
Loss of Self-Control

That is why, addiction to drugs can cause to many types of crimes. It can Losses self-control towards something. Intake of drugs must prohibited and restrict to your children.

Modern Technology

There lot of technologies now handled visuals. It is a big influence to the people who engaged such a like;

and etc.

People often to use these types of technologies used in bad things one of example like watching pornographic movies. This is one factor why do men commit rape. It gives influence by their imaginary with their sexual desires which gives them into danger. Men are more aggressive when they sees something orgy.

Modern Dress

Nowadays girls are often to use shorten and fit dresses. It can be also a factor why do men commit sexual abuse. Girl must not wear such dress that men attracts. This is a big way to men commit rape.

Women Drunk with Men

This is also a big issue here in my place. There are lot of women who drunk with men. In this case, men tend to rape women without knowing the girl after fell asleep and it happens.

Every cities encountered this type of incidents. Women should be aware and must be responsible of her actions towards men. You don’t suffer and need to regret in future.





  1. Sandy KS

    I think rape happens. As it is the ultimate control over a woman. A power trip plain and simple. Yes, women need to be aware of the surroundings and who they hang with. Men also need to have self. Otherwise they shouldn’t leave their home.control

  2. Suny

    So true, I have my own views on this serious problem. I know our country is one among the nations facing this problem but when I look at the stats I feel so surprised that a country like America is the worst sufferer.

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