Rats In The Shed

My boyfriend just informed me we have a rat in the shed. He did not see it. However, he seen huge rat droppings. Something we have never had in the shed before.

Now I need to figure a way to easily kill the rats. I thought of using De-con or other rat poison. By placing it in the shed. The bad thing about that, yes it will kill the rat. However, the rat will go off and die somewhere. I do not want it to die in the shed. As it would be hard to find and smell since it is summer time.

I am not sure where the rat came from. All I know is, I want it gone. Rats can carry diseases.

Since, Moose my Chug chases everything else. I wonder if I can get him to help catch this rat. I hope it is only rat and not a family.

Just thinking about a rat in the shed gives me the creeps. I don’t mind pet rats. However, wild rats are totally different. I just want it gone. As soon as possible.

Do you have ideas how to get rid of a rat?

(Note : I do not store food in the shed. Sometimes trash gets stored in shed till trash day.)


  1. Grecy Garcia

    We have rats at home too but since we have lots of cats, no one can enter near or in the middle part of the house, especially in the kitchen. Do you have a cat? I wish you have one.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      We did have act. But it got out while we was on vacation. We have not found out. I am wanting to get another one.

  2. Angeles Fernandez

    I agree with @grecy, the best thing solution (although I have never had rats – or that’s what I think!!- ) is a cat. I also heard about this from a woman living in a village close home, she told me cats are very “useful”, concerning rats and any other kind of not-welcomed animals.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I don’t have a cat. I do have two smaller dogs. One is a Chug, the other is a Chihuahua and wired terrier mix.

  3. Eva James

    Also if your dog or any other animal gets the rat after it eats the poison they can get poisoned also. I use coke a cola to kill them. It is safe for most animals if they get into it but mice and rats can not pass gas so it kills them. About any pop will do but coke seems to be the fastest working. If you have one you probably already have a few to several. They seem to travel in family type groups

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      My neighbor mentions pop too. Trying to figure if I need to pour it in a bowl or leave in the bottle with it open. Any clue?

  4. Angeles Fernandez

    Let us know if it worked for you, @rusty2rusty! Sounds good and easy, as I work some 20 minutes far from my town, and we have from time to time mice, and they have spent lots of money buying poisons, but never worked… I have to try this! Thank you for the advice too!

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I live in the city where rats are not allowed. A home will be condemned for having rats. I need to get rid of the ones I have as soon as possible.

  5. Sandy KS Post author

    Well, it we had a rat like my boyfriend said. It is now gone. I placed the soda out. Nothing touched it. I think he was pulling my leg.

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