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Just this year, while I was struggling for having UTI or Urinary Tract Infections, I discovered that one of the remedy is by drinking water with a teaspoon of baking soda. I am Chemistry graduate and from school laboratory, baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is the ultimate cleaner from household to health reason. During the times, I remember trying out baking soda instead of depending myself on some generic antibiotics. From experience, generic antibiotics didn’t work for me. One of the things that help to lessen bacteria inside my body is baking soda. I will share some amazing things baking soda could do in this post.

Baking soda is basically a salt with the combination of sodium and bicarbonate ions. This have been discovered to clean. In cooking, it is used as a leavening agent, it is used in dough that causes foaming action. It can be found in pest control, paint, used as antacid for medical purpose, cleaning brushes and removing clogged in sink. 

The following are my personal experience with baking soda. 

I used it for gargle. Since it clears out bacteria, it is good to use it for gargle. I put half a teaspoon on glass of water, contains half filled of water. After gargling for 3x, I start to brush my teeth. It even flushed some stains on my teeth from drinking soft drinks and coffee.

I used it to clean my underarms. There are lots of claims from the internet that by using baking soda, diluted with water, helps to even out dark underarms. I haven’t been there, but I am using it just to even out my underarm. My underarm is not dark, but it is not even in color. For 2 months of using it, 3-4 times a day, I can see the little effect. To try it, have a teaspoon of baking soda and dissolved it with teaspoon of water. Apply the mixture in your underarm and wait 3 minutes before rinsing it. I do it while bathing. I also put it on my elbows but it makes it dry so I used moisturizer. It is good to use baking soda in your underarms because it removes the odor. 

I use this as my facial scrub. After cleaning my face with mild soap, I will apply a little on my face and massage it gently. It softens my face. However, it could dry up your skin. I observed that when I do it twice a week, it dry up my skin so I used moisturizer after using it as a facial scrub. When you use it, massage it gently on your face. 

I use it as a foot powder too. For those who are having foul odor on their foot, this works amazingly. Just soak your foot in a bin that has two spoonful of baking soda. I don’t have a foul odor on my feet but during the times I walk in flood, I do it just to totally sure my feet is clean from all bacteria that could stick to it. I let it soak for 20 minutes. After it, I clean it with mild soap and put lotion. 

I put one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass full of water. Dissolved it evenly and drink it. It taste like sea water so it will be very hard for you to swallow it. Finished one glass as much as you can. It cleans your body and help good bacteria because it removes the bad bacteria. 

If you check online, there are lots of uses of baking soda. It has been the most used household recipe and has been proven ever since. I only shared those I tried and from my experienced. 


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  1. Ceci

    I love the baking soda as well, not only apply in baking, but household cleaning, fruit washing, etc, it is very powerful yet cheap the cost!

  2. Dawn Rae

    I love baking soda also. I use it as a mouth rinse, as a room deodorizer (with a few drops of essential oils) and in my laundry at times.

  3. Jean B Figues

    i have used it for cleaning household stuffs and i had also tried the face mask.. however, i thought it softens my facial skin… i never had dry skin after using it. perhaps every skin type have different reaction for it.

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