Reasons For And Against Getting A Doberman Pup

I have had doberman pinchers for several years now.  I love them immensely. But I know they are not a breed of dog for everyone. But it is amazing to me that some of the things about them can be put in both categories.  As in the reason to have one for one person can be a very good reason not to have them for another person. Here are some of those reasons.

First they are very active, especially as puppies. But even the adults are often times on the go it seems like endlessly. To give you an idea of how active they are I have a video to share of Jill. Jill Playing  As you can see she is constantly on the move. Many people dont like that but they keep me active by being like this.

Second is they love to play with other animals. They need to be exposed to anything that they will live with and taught how to act. Some people want a calmer dog naturally when it sees something new. At least my cats are able to teach a puppy how to treat them so I dont have too as you can see Here . Monkey is patient until Jill gets too rough then Monkey smacks her and leaves. But I do get after Jill when she teases my chickens. Those goofy things just run from her. But Jill is doing good with them and Bunny treats them like a part of the family. They get checked every morning to make sure they are all ok. But without teaching dobermans to be gentle they can kill other animals easily once they are full grown.

Third is dobermans like to steal your clothes also. I think it is funny to see Bunny thinking she is sneaking off with one of my socks when I take it off. But many people would have a fit. I dont mind unless she starts chewing them up.We sometimes play hide and seek with the socks. Bunny hides them and I have to find them when I want to put them back on.

Fourth is they are very very adorable clowns. For some reason some people dont like that. Personally I like to laugh and they never fail to make me do that at least a couple of times a day. Here is some pictures that will make you smile at them.

But for me the biggest reason to have them is they are cuddle bug lap dogs. Some people dont want a 70 to 80 pound dog to sit on them and give kisses. I dont trust those people.

IMG_20160720_240113068  IMG_20160810_142715818  DSCF1491  DSCF1365

In order is Jack sleeping on his back, Jill looking over the baby gate, Duke being beat up by a beagle mix, and Bunny holding Bambi down on the floor.


all photos and videos are mine


  1. Gina M. Menorca

    You seem to adore you dog. We have a dog before, the breed we do not know. We love her too. At one time my son was crying because we do not have milk next thing we notice the owner of our neighborhood store was chasing our dog because our Batik ( our dog name) take a milk from the store.

  2. Ceci

    Dog is always men’s good friend, I love to have a dog to be my and the kids’ pet, but really have no time to take care of it.

  3. Andria Perry

    All the animals I have are rescues, one huge golden retriever, one beagle and the latest a kitten, I am teaching them to NOT eat the cat. All of my animals stay outside due to the fact I have allergies to all of them

    I tweeted this article.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Bambi was my rescue, I will have to write her story one day. And hubbies beagle was headed to the pound when we got her

    1. Eva James Post author

      Trust me it is not always fun to be the one seeking lol. I can see her laughing as I roam the family room looking for the socks I just took off. Her and my rabbit had a game of hide and seek worked out before HalfFace died earlier this year. Bunny dont even go over by the rabbit cage anymore.

    2. Eva James Post author

      She does. I am thinking of getting some meat rabbits soon. Just have to set up a new place as HalfFaces pen was built for one. Then she can teach them to play.

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Are you thinking of letting your meat rabbits live communally, sort of “free range”? It’s an idea that appeals to me, despite the fact than most breeders seem to frown on it.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Yes if I can get a big enough area set up. My Dad raised them years ago like that in an old truck camper that he had. They did great and raised the litters just fine. But I do want to set up for running on the ground and being able to get grass. I think that helped HalfFace live as long as she did. She was at least 11 and had quit breeding 5 years ago so I sold my buck and let her retire.

  5. Gil Camporazo

    I love dogs and my wife too. The dogs that we raise is an ordinary kind. My wife is a good tamer. We once had a dog which we raised until grows. It plays with our children. It always waits for me at the door when I am going home. It stays always inside our house. One early morning, my wife disposed our pieces of garbage on the receptacle along the street for the garbage collector to get. It went along with my wife who wasn’t aware. A big bang of motorcycle crash shocked my wife. She hurried to see who’s being bumped. It was our pet blackie with blood oozing from its head. It died on the spot. It is good that the motorcycle driver survived the accident.

    1. Eva James Post author

      So sorry to har of losing your pet like that. Glad the rider was ok

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