Reborn The Power of Writing


It was been a while that I wasn’t able to write. It seems that I’m losing a lot when it comes to writing. I hope that this site will reborn my power of writing like the way when I use to start before.

I need to reborn my wild imagination and my creativity.I believe that this site can help me to enhance me more.One of my passion is writing then next is sales but sometimes there are some situations that we cannot help that we need to rest for a while for a better opportunity comes.


Its been how many sites that come and fails just like our daily life there are some failures and failures is a part of our daily life. I believe that failures make us becomes stronger because with this we learn better lessons and we can think of better things to do in our life.


Every single day our thoughts reborn like our writing ability that we need to reborn. So reborn and rejoice because every day there is always hope that reborn.


That the power of reborn can do so keep the spirit , No matter what happened never give up live life to the fullest.babys-hand-622538_960_720


photo credits by pixabay


  1. Shavkat

    I guess we need to boost ourselves and try to write something. Writing is a tool to unleash the deeper thoughts and be shared with others. Despite time constraints, I still manage to write.

    1. Shavkat

      Yes, it is. We can definitely share our brilliant ideas to others. Cheers!

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