Recovering From Traditional Medicine: Once from the Illness, Twice from the Drugs

  • So I’m 52 going  60. For two months now, this illness is in remission, thank God. It has taken its toll on me and didn’t expect recovery would take months.  I had  this battle- flareups of psoriasis and arthritis, for the last five months and have been physically limited in movement. I do walk with an elevated heel so as not to strain the heel part and plantar fascia, as fascitis and Achilles tendonitis was the first diagnosis back in October. After three doctors and  tests , I was finally diagnosed. Its Psoria-Tis , or psoriatic arthritis. In the morning ,the stiffness is at its peak when I wake up, I’ve learned to exercise the joints of the feet and knees before making a few steps and rising from bed, as I found out I could fall and get out of balance upon waking up. As the day lingers on and throughout the course of activities and walking, ( I needed to walk as to not get stiffness and swelling in the lower limbs, it either gets worse, or subsides when I take pain killers and anti-inflammatories, (NSAIDs), as needed.  The DMARds are taken just once a week, I’m on metothrexate with folic acid as supplement to it . When my feet is sore and limited in mobility, thats when I realize I needed to be a PWD and take the benefits. 

Diagnosed on February, it was  December when I  had this condition without the psoriasis, (misdiagnosed as gout by the internist), and misdiagnosed as bacterial/fungal infection from a dermatologist, afterwhich I had four ER visits  for the nerve pains and breathlessness symptoms, gastro problems all rolled into one. This  prompted me to seek my cardiologist before being referred to a rheumatologist who finally confirmed the impression. Psoriatic arthritis is an auto immune disease and has no cure,  inspite of the millions of dollars and years of research gone into it. I will just have to accept that this will be part of my lifestyle, something to deal with day to day, manage its symptoms and effects. This makes me believe on the conspiracy theory that is a BIG  BUSINESS FOR THE PHARMA, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS CONTINUE TO PUMP INTO THE HANDS OF ECONOMIES AND THEIR LEADERSHIP. SO THERE WILL BE NO CURE. They wanted us to be dependent on these drugs, either from the side effects or the comorbidities.  I need to be checked  monthly for  liver function and blood count. So lets see, its going to give me liver problems over time. Its just a cycle, get relief from one and wait for the next chapter. . All these have been physically, emotionally, and financially draining. I didn’t have medical insurance.

Here’s the good news, what I did on the alternative side after months of taking drugs.  Acupuncture, massage and reflexology. Getting into yoga and exercise like  daily walking around thirty minutes when I go out to fulfill my daughters treatment , accompanying her and caregiving. (She is also afflicted with an illness taking second line drugs for a year and a half now.) Stress is one of the aggravating factors, as well as diet, so I try to take caution and stick to a wellness diet (fruits and vegetables) and lots of water. Gluten, fatty foods, sugar, should be out. Taking lots of sunlight in the morning helps and a hot and cold compress applied to the area. One of the naturals I love is aloe vera, organic from my garden, and virgin coconut oil.  Juicing celery and cucumber with apple cider vinegar, I realized after two weeks of taking the juice the soreness ,redness and itching has stopped. Arthritis was controlled.  I  consulted a  natural medicine/functional medicine doctor, I told my doctor I took those along with the meds, and she said  I need to continue taking it  anyway, and  she said it’s up to me but  reiterated that some of these are not clinically proven. This disease is an inflammatory one, and its systemic. The immune system is not doing its work properly, out of control, attacking healthy cells in its confusion. There are comorbidities and  these are the life threatening ones: hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, the nervous system, diabetes, all posing a  high risk. Genetics and lifestyle play a role, and an out of balance, acidic “leaky gut”. Fixing the digestive system by taking in more probiotics to grow good bacteria is a must. The more acidic the body is, the more inflammation takes place.  Having alkalinity will balance that. My target is to have a daily dose of probiotics natural like yakult or yogurt, kimchi and fermented vegetables.

So when you have an illness, you have a choice which road to recovery to take. These are based from my personal experience and not a prescription, what I can recommend is to know your illness,  assess the treatment and wellness plan thats right for you, and i seek God’s divine healing to work on you. Let’s all be well.





  1. Rex Trulove

    That is exactly one of the biggest reasons that I’m an herbalist. I dislike taking medications of any kind unless I have no choice. There are times when there might not be much of an option (when I had to have abscessed teeth removed, it certainly didn’t happen without Novocaine), but it has always seemed to me that many medications cause the body to have to work far harder to recover, since not only does the illness need to be overcome, so does the meds.

  2. Priscilla King

    Dittos RexTrulove above. I had viral arthritis in 1989. The Arthritis Foundation’s literature was all about how to get on the painkillers every patient would supposedly “need” forever. I talked to a doctor who warned that these meds had side effects. Then I did the basic elimination/immunity-boosting diet and was pain-free in a week.

  3. S.L. Luna Post author

    True. The medical industry is a mafia. In Americ a doctors can’t prescribe alternative medicine or support it , its illegal .

  4. S.L. Luna Post author

    @ceci . its in remission, the psoriasis, but I would like to believe its contained and won’t disturb me for some time, I’m on the path to healing so I would not have to go thru flares in the future. I still gave arthritis occasionally.

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