The Things I Regret As I Grow

Life for me is a series of good and bad decisions but mostly the bad decisions triumph over the good ones, and that is based on my viewpoint.  There are things that we regretted having said and done, that still hunts us up to this present day. It seems like a skeleton in our closet, or should I say, it really is.

Most of these things occurred because we were young then and immature. Most are products of growing up and growing old.

Growing up because from our adolescent years we became aggressive and like to explore on things. We became dreamer that time that we need to get what we want by hook or by crook in a short period of time. We have visions that these or that things will help us to achieve whatever status in life we desire. So we jump on decisions with less thinking or less examination if that decision will really help us.

Growing old because as we grow older we believe that we already gained the required wisdom in life, only to find out that it is not yet in its full essence. We tend to look ourselves superior over others specially if they are younger than us. We confidently execute decisions even without the necessary help of others and we take decisions knowing what is the risk that lies within it.

And sometimes during these two stages of making decision, we unknowingly tend to forget our values. We became grumpy towards others. Our temper sucks. We released words that shouldn’t be said and done. We let our superiority ruled over other people. We became arrogant. We became boastful. We became the meanest person we can be. In simple words we become Monster. Capital M-O-N-S-T-E-R -Monster.

But after becoming a monster came the realization that “Oh I did something wrong, I did something that is unacceptable.” And in the end, it is either we humble ourselves and admit our fault or just let it pass by and keep it hunting us forever till the last breath we take.

@puroypoi 7/18/2016

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  1. John

    We all have failures in life that even in our dreams we tend to “see” it more vividly. But despite our shortcomings, we tend to be “see” things differently, maybe because we are old enough to understand it. We are now mature to handle things either lightly or ignore it otherwise.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      As a normal person, yes we grow as to what we have experienced. We are ripened for the all forms of trials and challenges that may come into our lives. Thus, we learn by experience.

  2. Bojel

    We all experience ups and down.. And worst failures
    We should all learn from the lessons from the past
    Let me use the infamous line of the popular brandy brand “a setback will prepare you for a major comeback” — that is actually not the actual line . I just can’t remember the verbatim of Jessie Mendiola

    1. Gil Camporazo

      You are correct. There is no bed of roses as long as we live. Trials in any form are always lurking somewhere. It is up for us to get rid of them or overcome them.

  3. Sandy KS

    All failure does is remind me to keep trying. Failure helps to teach me to improve as I go. That is why I believe you should forgive people for what they do, til you get to the point you can’t and must walk away.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    After realizing our mistakes, we became remorseful and felt sorry about those things we did wrong. And we came to the process of repentance. And this kind of attitude qualifies us to be receive the forgiveness and the blessing of the Lord. Be sure we never backslide or return to doing the old sinful ways.

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