Renewable Faith in Ourselves and Others

As you Turn your tribulations and trials into triumph with the help of the Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus the Christ guiding us all the way turn your trails into a testimony for others who may just be going through the same thing or a familiar trial just ponder: this can the devil do to you if he is aware you will not quit or surrender!? Quote meal from my church bulletin last Sunday.


Renewing our faith daily staying strong for he will return soon. My testimony is that I am healed from the past and now I can share the healings of the mind, body and soul with others as I walk in love and faith each day knowing I have been forgiven and once more I made it through the trials and many tribulations of this world once again and moving forward and not looking back to what was but keeping my eyes forward to what will come. Leaving the past where it belongs is hard but I can do it with a smile and love in my heart for others who are going through the likes of my trials and smiling knowing that I planted a small seed and helped someone else get through theirs oh, what a happy day to smile and be blessed.





  1. Gil Camporazo

    I believe that faith is powerful. As what the Bible says, if you a faith just like a mustard seed is more than enough to move a mountain. Faith wreaks miracles. Faith makes those weak strong. If you are sick, it is your faith of getting well would inspire and heal sooner or later. However, let us take note that faith without works is dead.

  2. IcyBC

    Faith is hope! Faith is comfort! I have handed my life over to God in my most desperate moment and he has helped guiding me through lots of times.

  3. IcyBC

    I spent most of yesterday in church, adoring the status of Our Lady of Fatima! She is visiting the US for 100 days, to commensurate the 100 years when she first came! She is so beautiful that I have tears in my eyes!

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