Responding in Tangible Ways Demonstrate Love, Care and Compassion

Jesus Compassion of them and Healed their Sickness

Matthew 14:14 “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sickness.”

Our Mission’s Motive and Purpose on Earth

When we are on a mission, think and analyze our motive and purpose. Is it because we want to see good baptismal figure? We are called to a higher motivation. To witness because we have the LOVE,SYMPATHY, and COMPASSION to people. Showing sympathy is more than thinking kind thoughts and saying comforting words. Showing sympathy means responding in tangible ways that demonstrate love, care, and compassion to people.

Experience During College Days that Shows Compassion to Beggars

During my college years, we had a field trip. The Math and Araling Panlipunan students had field trip in Albay. On one of our stop, we went down and see the area and after that, we went back to the bus. As I sit down on my seat, a former classmate named Ruby was talking to her best friend while looking at the beggars outside who were busy begging for food and money from our classmates. She said that she pity them. I talked to her if she can do something for them. She asked me like what she can do but feel sympathy on their poverty. Why not give one of your food to them? No! My mom prepared it for me. Alas! A Catholic student behave like this? One of the beggar waved her hand to me. We left the place with a heart of happiness. I am on a mission since so I do what Jesus taught us to do.

What is Compassion?

Compassion is not about comforting words or feeling sympathy but it takes ACTION. The method of Jesus Christ in reaching people is through compassion. According to William Barclay ” Compassion moves a man to the deepest depth of his being.” It is like when we feel compassion to others, we forgot  our own needs but we focus on the person’s needs. We help them from our hearts without complain or blaming the cause of their difficulties.  

Jesus Compassion on A Roman Centurion’s Servant

Let us look on some stories where Jesus used His method of compassion.Matthew 8:5-13 A Roman Centurion approaches and asks Jesus for help. His slave is sick of palsy. A Roman Centurion is a gentile and for the Jewish, they are not allowed to talk or come to their house. Knowing Christ as a healer, and loving his servant, the centurion come and seek the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus too, never comes to His mind that he is a gentile but feels that faith in him. No barrier, no race, nor status that stops Jesus in helping others. How about us, are we like the priest and Levite that avoid the robbed Jew in the story “The Good Samaritan”? Are we busy doing our own thing rather than extending our hands to help others? Are thinking so much how these beggars and poor live their own life?

Jesus Compassion on a Man of Palsy

Another story in the Bible that attracted me to share with you is found in Matthew 9:2-5 A group of men bring a paralyzed man to Jesus on the mat. The man is so nervous and apprehensive. Maybe he lived life not according to God;s will and or maybe he is hesitant because Jesus will know his previous life. He know who is Jesus but Jesus look down at him and says, “Take heart son, your sins is forgiven.” Yes! He was forgiven and is healed from his sickness. He go out from that house walking. Jesus never blame him but have a compassion to heal this man. How about us? Some people before helping others, they try to talk much and blame people. Some even insulted them by being beggar or poor. Do they have the same opportunity like us? There are many factors why some people are needy. Why not see ourselves as lucky having our jobs and opportunity to uplift our lives. We are blessed because of others. We are like water in the river that flows. We need to water every land that we pass by. River never dries up especially we believe that we are the children of God. God is rich and we can claim our inheritance and share it to needy, undesirable and oppressed people.

Jesus Compassion on a Ruler’s  Dead Child

Last story is found in Matthew 9:18-20 A ruler kneels infront of Jesus to raise his daughter from the dead. Jesus IMMEDIATELY got up to go with him. He went to his house and helped the parents. When Jesus called the child, she woke up and smiled to them. What a wonderful scene it was seeing your child back to life again. Jesus move to his house immediately because He feels the pain of the death of their only child. He wanted to ease that pain and give hope to them.

A Question to Us How do we Response?

How about us? How do we respond to the needy? Do we move quickly or we move only if we feel to do it? Do we move because we have spectators? Are like the Pharisee who are pretense in their lives to the people? They like to be praise on their ways. We don’t need praise in helping others. We need to do the right thing and stand on it. When was the last time you visit a sickly, unhealthy, problematic, and depressed friend? Is it enough to call or text them that you wish for their healing?  In Facebook new button of sympathy, is it enough that we only click “sympathy” to show we feel compassion to a friend without seeing them in person? Are we really busy on our life that we have no time to come and even hug them in time of distress and misery? How to be compassion to people, we need to study more about Jesus life on Earth. We will learn how to apply the real religion in our life. Religion is not what you know about the Bible, nor the four corners of your church nor the name that carry your religion.

BibleThe Real Religion

Religion is to apply what is written in the Bible. This is the great commission that Jesus given to us. Jesus said that He is doing his Father’s will. Do we like to do our Almighty Father’s will or we like to do it only if we feel doing it? We need to build a compassion to our lives and apply it daily in our lives. Matthew beautifully summarizes the sympathetic stance from which looks at and engages with people.

Let us be Moved with Compassion Because Jesus Asked us to Do

Matthew 9:36 “But when Jesus saw the multitudes (PEOPLE) He was moved with COMPASSION to them, because they were WEARY and SCATTERED like a SHEEP  without a SHEPHERD.” 


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