Rivers Are Wonderful to Watch When They Are Calm

If you take some time to stand by a large river and just observe it for several minutes, you will notice that watching it flow is a truly relaxing experience, or at least that’s how it was for me a few weeks ago, when I visited the wonderful Cozia Monastery. There I discovered a platform which allowed me to stand, or even sit on a bench, right on the edge of the majestic Olt river.


In the crazy world we live today it is great to find an oasis of peace and serenity, where you can detach yourself from your worries and rediscover the beauty of nature from which unfortunately we’re more and more estranged. Although I don’t necessarily like quietness for too long, I could have stayed there for hours watching the Olt River in its constant flow and I don’t think I would have felt bored very soon.


However, rivers aren’t always that peaceful. A few weeks after my visit there were some heavy rains in that part of the country which sadly led to devastating floods. The usually tranquil waters have turned into massive and scary torrents that swept out everything in their path. Once again Mother Nature reminded people that they can’t control it. Therefore, whenever I go by the side of a river, I watch it with a mixture of admiration and fear: it can offer some pretty astounding views, but it can also unleash its fury with terrible consequences for humans!


Photo credit: My own picture.


  1. Profile photo of Suny

    Sitting at the banks of Ganges is my favorite way of staying in touch with Mother Nature. I agree as I live near Himalayas what a large river can do during rainy season when lots of water brings flood and worsen the situation.

  2. Profile photo of N Sri Naga Jyothi
    N Sri Naga Jyothi

    I really admire by watching river or sea sitting at the bank, I also the sound of the sea which is like a rhythm. Whenever my son get holidays or in the summer vacations we do visit Chennai or Visakapatnam to enjoy the place of sea and sea shore.

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    Mother Nature is majestic. It can bring blessings and it can unleash fury. I love rivers and waterfalls and enjoy watching videos if I cannot watch the real thing.

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    Sebastian Onciu Post author

    @dawnwriter It would be great if we could watch the real thing as often as possible, but watching videos is indeed a good alternative when we don’t have the time and resources to get out of cities; I also enjoy watching videos of nature in general and they have an undeniably positive effect on my state of mind.

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    Sebastian Onciu Post author

    @suny I can only dream of being on the banks of a fabulous river like the Ganges now, but I can’t stop hoping that one day I will manage to raise funds that would allow me to travel to remote countries, and if that things happens India will be a priority on my list of countries to visit.

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