Saturday Morning and Summer Heat

Hello Blogbourne readers, it is a hot one today again in my neck of the world. It’s a Saturday morning and I have already been up for a few hours. I have been constantly non-stop working at something or other. Wether it be from the sink full of dishes in the morning waiting for me or just weeding here and there, I always have some kind of work to do.

I wish it would be the other way around and having lots of fun instead, but adult life sure if surreal isn’t it? I mean, it is sometimes truely and constantly overwhelming. Just came in and then felt something odd on my elbow after doing a little outside work and petting the cats out there.

It was this large black moth as far as I could see. I panicked and brushed it off of me quickly so I saw it but just for a few seconds. I don’t like bugs especially if they are on me. They creep me out for some reason. I didn’t find the moth in the house either so it’s still in here which is also somewhat disturbing for me. I know it might fly on me again if it has the chance, argh. I hope not.

I truely have a fear of things like that. I screamed and just almost had an anxiety attack. The under the desk visual I’m getting now constantly is unnerving. My message to this creature of God? Please Ms. Moth leave me alone and go outside the first chance you get. I hate most bugs. I can tolerate them more when they are outside and left to roam free.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Everyone has his own fear. Some are afraid of snakes. Some are worms, Some are rats, I do dislike them, but not that I am afraid. I fear them, but I could control that fear. I remember one incident that a cock roach has crept in and alighted to my back. I terribly giggled to throw away that insect.

    1. CatMom NJ Post author

      At least you were giggling about it, me I would be screaming if a cockroach was on my back just like this moth! Hehee

    1. CatMom NJ Post author

      Yes outside is the best place for those pesky critters! I am not looking forward to Sunday to Tuesday’s weather here which will be above 90!

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