Saying Good-bye To A Loved One

Got word the other day that a cousin on my dad’s side passed away and this weekend there will be a memorial for her.  Earlier this year, my father’s aunt passed away.  So people when they hear of death fear death and dieing.  I don’t, death is a part of life.  So why fear something that is eventually going to happen?


Since we recently bought a “new” vehicle, actually it’s a 1993, but it’s new to us,  I didn’t think we would get to go.  Also my husband use to get weekends off, but now his two days off usually are Tuesday and Wednesday.  He managed to get this weekend off!!  He will work 10 hour days for four days!!


As I mentioned earlier, we have already had to say good-bye already to a deceased loved one earlier this year.  I haven’t been to many funerals, but with the funeral of this particular loved one when viewing her body, it as if she had already passed on to heaven.  This was the first funeral that I felt that the deceased loved one was just their in body.  It’s hard to explain, but when we were saying our good-byes, it was peaceful, her body looked at peace.  Since this was the first time I had experienced this, I was telling my husband about it.  I thought maybe I was just feeling some thing that wasn’t there or maybe it was just “me.”  He said he felt it as well!  Apparently she had every thing made “right” with her life and she had passed on to heaven where he husband was already at.


Also, after we got our “new” vehicle we were going by the place where my cousin was buried at.  (He died at a young age.  He also knew my husband.)  I hadn’t been to the cemetery since he died over 30 years ago.  I know it might sound weird, but I talked to a dead loved one.  I told him who I married as he knew my husband and told him I missed him.  As we were leaving my husband said “You didn’t tell him about our Jeep (our “new” vehicle.)  I told my husband that he can “see” it!!


There are times when I get to missing my deceased loved ones and I look towards heaven and tell them things I would tell them if they are still alive.  I believe that we can communicate with our deceased loved ones.  What do you think?



photo courtesy of pixabay


  1. Grecy Garcia

    it looks like they are just sleeping in their coffin? I always feel it sissy, or maybe I am wrong with my observation. I do feel like they are just sleeping.

  2. Martha Jette

    There is no turning off the extreme feeling of loss when someone we know/love passes over and for that I send my most sincere condolences to you.
    A person’s spirit leaves the body shortly before (if there is too much pain to endure) or once the body dies. And the spirit either goes with God and his or her loved ones or remains just on the other side of the veil. Either way, you can talk to them and they will hear you. Don’t feel foolish at all. In fact, they might return to see you and if you are open to such things, you might see them too! Death is certainly not the end, except for the body, which was used to house a soul during one’s lifetime.
    I had a near death experience quite a few years ago now and I learned so much from that, which I will write about when I have time.

  3. Sharon Epperson

    You are so right some people do look at peace and others don’t look like they are. I understand what you are saying there.
    I don’t think that it is wierd to talk to a family member that has passed. My mom passed when I was 7 and I still all these years later talk to her. I may not even be at the cemetery. I also do this with my grandma and aunt, they both had a part in raising me after her death.

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