Secrets In A Family…

I think in every family they have family secrets.  You know maybe those secrets consist of some one giving up a child for adoption, maybe some one had an affair and a child was conceived, or maybe a person committed a crime.  Every family, I’m sure if you dig deep enough in the closet, will find a secret.


I’m sure the person who has lived with the secret has a reason for keeping that secret.  Maybe the person keeping the secret figures that “it won’t hurt any one else.”  Well, yeah they’re the one that already knows the secret, how do they know it won’t hurt some one else?


I believe when “it” (the secret) may come out later it might affect some one.  For example maybe health issues.  You might think by reading this,that I might know about this personally.  Well, yes, sort of!!  It seems that there may be another race other than being Caucasian that runs through our veins.  My sister found this out after spending a lot of time and money on a health issue.  None of the doctors she went to could figure out what it was.  She finally went to a specialist that did some tests and the blood disease she has only African-Americans have!!  Now, because we didn’t know or even think about it, my sister would have never been diagnosed by any other doctor.  WE had no idea, it came as a surprise to think that no one “thought” about the future generations.  So of course, when I found out about a few years ago (I’m in my mid 50’s) I told my children as they have children.  It doesn’t change who I am as a person, but it will help later on if I have some illness that they wouldn’t be able to figure out, because  no one would think of looking for African-American diseases in a Caucasian!!


So, you see when keeping secrets, it could endanger some one’s life. 



photo is mine of me, my sister, my mom, my sister and brother (behind my mom)


  1. Ruth Cox

    I tend to agree with you that most families have one or more deep dark secrets within their fold. And yes, this applies to my family too.

  2. Sandy KS

    I think all families have secrets. They hide the secrets because at the time it could be found embarrassing to get out.

    I did a DNA and found out I am 99% European and 1% from some place I never heard of in the middle east. That 1% explains a lot.

  3. Obi Ka

    families need to keep no secrets except maybe amongst family members. one way to heal is to share what is truly going on.

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