Selecta Quezo Real Ice Cream

Why do people always turn to Ice cream over a broken hearts?

My heart is not broken, but my liver, lol. The truth is, I belong to 85% of people who turn into chocolates, cakes and Ice cream whenever they feel stress or bad. It does not solve problem obviously, but Ice cream and other sweets could really balances the energy in your brain, to temporarily forget your problem. There is something with the sweets to make you happy. The feeling is like you feel you are young again, just like the first time you tasted ice cream when you are a toddler. It always makes you happy. That is the reason why it is always present in parties and other celebrations. It is a happy maker as they say.

When it comes to Ice Cream, the only I can afford is from Selecta. When I was young we are loyal with Magnolia.We only buy milk in Magnolia. During the time of appearance of Selecta Ice creams, it stole my heart and I switched immediately. Compared to Magnolia, the Vanilla flavoured Ice cream of Selecta tastes better for its sweetness and creaminess. Magnolia fall short. The photo attached is the Quezo Real. This is not my favorite from Selecta, but Vanilla flavor and Ube, however, during that time, those flavor is not available. 

Quezo Real contains cheese bits that makes the sweetness blend with little salty tastes of the cheese. It is creamy and smell good. I still prefer Vanilla flavor though. If you asked me if I enjoyed it, of course!! I don’t say no to an Ice cream regardless of flavor and it did makes me happy.

Image credit to @grecy




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